Coronavirus: Special stew recipe mayor, no Saint Nicholas in Katwijk


‘Ventilation in half of schools does not meet the requirements or partly’

The ventilation in about half of all school buildings in the Netherlands does not or only partially meets the requirements in accordance with the Building Decree. The General Association of School Leaders announced this on the basis of a poll among 643 school directors.

‘It certainly doesn’t surprise us. Of course there are schools that are located in a beautiful or new building, but many schools have to make do with an old and outdated building, ‘says AVS chairman Petra van Haren.

According to the AVS, air quality has been a problem in education for years and in many places too little has been invested in buildings. Van Haren: ‘School boards are responsible for the school building, but sufficient resources are required. When it comes to new construction or renovation, the municipality is a partner where a lot remains. ‘

ANBO wants mandatory mouth masks for home care

The ANBO elderly organization wants mouth masks to be mandatory for home care workers. ‘There are almost 600,000 vulnerable elderly people in the Netherlands who receive home care. And without protective equipment they can become seriously ill due to infection with the corona virus, ‘said the interest group.

ANBO points out that home care workers provide care at a distance of less than one and a half meters, which means there is a risk of infection. ‘Certainly because a district nurse visits several vulnerable elderly people on one day and does not have time between one visit and the other to disinfect himself or change clothes.’

GGD Hollands Midden expresses concerns in a letter to students and parents

The GGD Hollands Midden sent two letters on Thursday, one to all students and one to all parents. The organization is concerned about the behavior of young people. For example, students would go to school while waiting for the results of their corona test. The health service sees a strong growth in the number of infections, especially among young people.

The organization also warns about the Relief of Leiden next weekend. The GGD asks parents to ban home parties and would like young people to make it a fun weekend in other ways.

Urgent advice for high school face masks

For secondary schools there is an urgent advice to wear a mouth mask. According to various sources, students are advised to put on a mask in the corridors, the auditorium and the canteen. The advice would not apply to the lessons, the NOS reports.

It is one of the ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Yesterday, Prime Minister Rutte argued in the House of Representatives not to introduce the guidelines for wearing mouth masks in public indoor spaces at schools.

Mayor shares special stew recipe for Leidens Ontzet

Mayor Henri Lenferink of the municipality of Leiden shared a special recipe for stew for Leidens Ontzet. The party is celebrated every year on 3 October, but cannot continue as normal this time due to the corona virus. ‘The 3 October Vereeniging, which has been organizing the Feest der Feesten since 1886, has put a lot of effort into giving everyone, in their own small domestic circle, the special Leidens Turnover feeling with a 3 October app and a live stream. Lenferink know.

The mayor calls for the party to be celebrated in a domestic circle and everyone to fly the flag on Saturday. Traditionally, stew is eaten in the city the night before the party. Lenferink shares a special recipe from his mother, where hash is used instead of brisket. ‘But everything is different this year, so this is also possible,’ Lenferink writes. The recipe is here to find.

No Sinterklaas in Katwijk, meet and greet in Voorschoten

Sinterklaas will not arrive in Katwijk this year. The organizers in all village centers in the municipality have decided not to do anything about the Sinterklaas party this year. The organizations are afraid of an excessive influx of people, so that the corona rules cannot be met.

The organizers in Valkenburg, Katwijk and Rijnsburg have jointly decided not to do anything about the entry at all, to prevent people from one of the village centers from going en masse to an entry into another center.

There will also be no entry in Voorschoten, but the organization ensures that children can visit Sinterklaas. ‘Parents have to register their children in advance and then we admit 15 children per 15 minutes. That way there will be no long queues or large groups, but we can do something about Sinterklaas’, the organization says.

H&M closes 250 stores due to corona crisis

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) will permanently close 250 stores next year. The Swedish fashion chain is struggling with a record build-up of stock due to the corona crisis. In total, H&M has more than 5000 stores worldwide. It is not yet known which stores will be closed.

H&M announced the planned closure during the presentation of the quarterly results. The company struggled with a 16 percent drop in sales in the third quarter of its broken fiscal year. This was often because stores worldwide had to close their doors temporarily due to corona measures. Profits were also sharply lower, but less than previously forecast.

Urgent advice: Face masks in all public indoor areas

The cabinet strongly advises everyone in the Netherlands to wear a face mask in public spaces. Prime Minister Rutte said this in a debate with the Lower House on Wednesday. Many parties asked the cabinet for a national guideline.

Mayor Jan van Zanen of The Hague hopes that the wearing of mouth masks will be mandatory, he said during a meeting on Wednesday. “An advice is just an advice,” said the mayor.

OMT member: corona discussion not good for support

The corona measures are discussed in such a way in the Netherlands that they are therefore less well complied with. This is what professor of infection prevention Andreas Voss, who is a member of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) that advises the cabinet, says in the AD.

‘We keep on discussing this,’ says Voss about the Dutch social corona debate. ‘I think that will really destroy the support for corona policy in the Netherlands. We must stop sowing doubts. ‘

According to Voss, this also applies to the Red Team, an independent expert group focused on prevention and control of the virus. Prime Minister Mark Rutte received advice from the Red Team this week about the guideline for the use of mouth masks. He also discussed the role of the group of experts in a press conference. ‘With that he gives them status, and you create a kind of competitive advisory model’, says OMT member Voss. ‘In my view, that does not help to create support among citizens.’

Mouth masks at schools in The Hague

The umbrella educational organization, the VO Council, will discuss the wearing of masks and other measures at schools in The Hague on Thursday.

Pupils at the Gymnasium Haganum are divided about wearing mouth masks. Lionel thinks it’s “way too stuffy.” Another is happy with the face covering. “Then nobody sees my face and I can yawn,” Louke told Omroep West on Wednesday.

Over 10,000 corona deaths on first wave

During the first corona wave this spring, more than 10,000 people in the Netherlands died from established or suspected Covid-19, statistics agency CBS announced on the basis of preliminary figures.

60 percent of all corona deaths received long-term care. These are chronically ill, frail elderly and people with a serious mental or physical disability.

The Central Bureau of Statistics also notes that more men (53 percent) than women (47 percent) have died from corona. Almost twice as many men as women died from the disease among 75 to 80 year olds. The mean age of deceased men diagnosed with corona was 79.7 years. This was 83.8 years for women.

Healthcare employers can apply for a corona bonus for staff

Employers in the healthcare sector can apply for a bonus offered by the government from Thursday for staff who earn a little extra because of their efforts in the corona crisis. It concerns an amount of 1000 euros net.

The bonus scheme applies to all healthcare employees, such as nurses and cleaners, who have had to deliver an exceptional performance between 1 March and 1 September.

The eligible healthcare workers must have committed themselves to patients with corona. For example by caring for, nursing, treating and guiding. Healthcare professionals who have contributed to the fight against the disease are also eligible. This concerns people who, for example, worked extra hours, had to replace colleagues or carried out preventive tasks to reduce the risk of spreading.

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