Germany is also tightening up corona rules


The federal government of Germany on Tuesday, in consultation with the federal states, tightened up the corona measures because the number of infections is also increasing in that country. That reports the German public broadcaster ARD.

In regions where more than 35 infections are detected per 100,000 inhabitants in one week, a maximum of fifty people are allowed to congregate in the catering industry. Indoors it concerns a maximum of 25 people. If there are more than fifty infections per 100,000 inhabitants, those numbers will drop even further. The country also imposes fines for guests in the hospitality industry who register with false information. If you leave incorrect information, you risk a fine of at least 50 euros. The amount differs per state.

Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the measures tonight. According to her, a second lockdown should be avoided at all costs and schools and businesses should remain open. The number of infections has increased sharply in Germany in recent weeks. Since April, the numbers have not been so high: on some days there are more than two thousand newly registered infections per day. That is less than in other European countries, but the German authorities are still concerned.

The Robert Koch Institute, the German equivalent of the RIVM, reported 2,089 new corona infections this morning. Merkel warned that if the tide is not turned, the number of infections could rise to 19,000 cases per day in three months.

Merkel at the start of the press conference on Tuesday. Photo by Kay Nietfeld / AFP

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