Coronavirus Infectious Diseases: We are psychologically unprepared for the new wave


Officials “in the summer missed the opportunity to find realistic solutions” in case the coronavirus cases would increase again from the autumn, says a German infectious disease specialist

Unprepared is the Germany about the psychological consequences of his pandemic coronavirus during the “cold and dark” winter months, warns infectious disease specialist Hendrik Streek.

“As far as the health system is concerned, we are very well prepared. On the contrary, we are psychologically unprepared “, said the Director of the Institute of Infectious Diseases of the University Clinic in Bonn to the German News Agency (dpa) and added that” there is a lot of fear “and which would increase again from the autumn cases coronavirus.

“I’m afraid now that in the fall we will talk less about solutions and more about how to lead our lives back.” noted characteristically and expressed the view that in the present situation it would be very difficult to limit the coronavirus before the onset of the cold. “It will be part of our daily life”, he added, as reported by APE.

Referring to the measures to limit the spread of the virus, Mr. Streek explains that “with very hard measures we would have succeeded, but then we would have just built an artificial dam, since the pandemic would still exist in other countries and sooner or later it would return and in Germanyยป. The German infectious disease specialist, however, calls for us to check the situation “with a sense of proportionality and smart systems”, such as “Quick test” at the entrance of the nursing homes.


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