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Globally, the death toll from Covid-19 has reached 1 million – 10 months after the new coronavirus was first identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

Over 308 thousand people died in North America, almost 250 thousand in South America, 221 thousand in Europe, 190 thousand in Asia.

Most of the victims are in the United States (almost 210 thousand), Brazil (142 thousand), India (over 96 thousand), Mexico (over 76 thousand) and Britain (42 thousand).

According to this mournful indicator, Russia is in 10th place in the world (almost 20,400 deaths).

Growth map of coronavirus victims in the world


Since the start of the pandemic, more than 33.5 million people have fallen ill in 188 countries. Almost 25 million have recovered, about 7.5 million are currently being treated, 65.3 thousand of them are in serious and critical condition.

A masked paramedic at a Jakarta hospital is resting.


The incidence rate in September increased significantly again, which gives grounds to speak of a second, or “autumn” wave of the pandemic. In 21 of the 50 US states, the daily number of new cases per week increased by an average of 10%. The situation in Europe has aggravated, which, it seemed, began to emerge from the crisis in the summer.

“There are no signs of a decline in mortality. Unfortunately, it is likely to remain at the same level until the vaccine is available,” Nancy Baxter, head of the School of Population and Global Health in Melbourne, told the BBC.

Vaccine Race

Alexander Ginzburg, director of the Russian Gamalea Institute, demonstrated a new Russian vaccine Sputnik V during an interview with Reuters.


WHO believes that the effect of mass vaccination in the most favorable case will affect no earlier than the middle of next year. During this time, the number of deaths can reach two million.

Currently, about 240 vaccines are being developed in the world, 40 of them are undergoing clinical trials, nine are mass testing on thousands of people.

A paramedic takes a throat swab from an Indian woman. Mass testing is taking place in the Indian state of Bhopal.


New restrictions: where and what

  • Household party and go-to party ban goes into effect Wednesday midnight in north east England;
  • AT Madrid all entertainment establishments and parks are closed again, it is allowed to leave the house only to work or study;

A masked man in front of a field lined with Spanish flags. Memorial of Spanish flags in one of Madrid’s parks in memory of those who died from covid.


  • AT The Netherlandsit is forbidden to host more than three adult guests at the same time; residents of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are required to wear masks in stores for the first time; the authorities advised citizens to avoid traveling from city to city unless absolutely necessary; sports competitions will be held without fans; restaurants and bars in the Netherlands are ordered to close at 22.00;
  • Starting Tuesday at 12 French cities it is forbidden to hold any mass celebrations, including weddings; restaurants and bars can be open until 22.00;
  • Authorities Czech Republic and Slovakia a state of emergency will be declared this week – the incidence is increasing in both countries; in Slovakia, all major events will be banned from Wednesday.

Cruise ship Mein Schiff 6. German cruise ship Main Schiff 6 never left the Greek port of Piraeus after several crew members were diagnosed with the coronavirus.


What else is happening in the world

  • November G20 Summit will be held in virtual mode, the authorities of the host country of the event, Saudi Arabia, said.
  • Several crew members German cruise ship “Maine Schiff 6“, the first liner to sail from Piraeus after the outbreak of the pandemic, the coronavirus was detected. Tourists did not have time to board, the cruise was canceled, the ship and its 666 crew members were quarantined on the island of Milos in the Aegean Sea.

Photo of the mayor in a funeral frame. Residents of Deveselu paid tribute to the memory of their mayor Ion Aliman and elected him posthumously.


Romanian mayor re-elected posthumously

57-year-old Ion Aliman, mayor of the village of Deveselu in southern Romania, ran for the next term but contracted the coronavirus during the campaign and died on September 15 at a clinic in Bucharest.

Since there were two weeks left before the vote, the electoral commission announced that there was no time to print new ballots.

64% of the villagers ticked the boxes next to the deceased’s name, they said, to pay tribute to his memory. “We will not have another such mayor,” one woman told local television.

Now repeated elections will take place in Deveselu.


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