Walt Disney: Dismisses 28,000 workers citing the coronavirus – World


The management of the giant group Walt Disney Co announced on Tuesday (29/9) that it will proceed with the dismissal of 28,000 employees in its theme parks, as it suffers a heavy blow from the vertical decrease of the visits and the turnover in them due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Disney has reopened all of its theme parks, with the sole exception of Disneyland in California.

About two thirds of its employees who are going to be fired are part-time, the company’s management clarified, according to the APE-MPE.

The decision is due to the “prolonged impact” of the pandemic “on our turnover” and the “uncertainty about the duration” of the health and the consequent economic crisis, the group explained.

From April to June, the group’s turnover fell by 85% year-on-year to $ 983 million.

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