Shock decision of Gigi Becali immediately after the elections! The truth about COVID-19 infection –


Known for his extremely noisy public outings, the FCSB owner, Gigi Becali, has recently surprised by the fact that he has not had any public appearances.

It seems that Becali has decided not to dialogue with the media representatives.

The decision is announced to be final.

“It’s a personal choice”

“Gigi never wants to talk about appearing in public again. It is a personal choice, it is the path he has chosen and I am convinced that it will be so, that he will not give up this path.

That’s probably why I’ll be more active, because I haven’t spoken lately. I will say what I have to say, but even if I am offended, I will not respond with insults, because I have reached the age where I can end a chapter in my life. ”

Regarding the information according to which Gigi Becali was infected with COVID-19, MM Stoica stated: “He had no problem.

The silence brings results to FCSB

When I had the floor transformed into a hospital at the base, he entered there with a mask, without a mask, it doesn’t matter, and without any fear that he could become infected.

He never had. It was tested, it was negative, it had no problem. It is an invention, I read that too, “he said, according to the quoted source.

Those inside the team said that they need time, but especially peace, to set up a strong gear. In fact, in one way or another, Becali would have been reminded that the very good course of Laurențiu Reghecampf’s first term was also based on the fact that the businessman was away from the team.

It was then that Gigi Becali was imprisoned, which proved extremely beneficial for the team’s results.


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