Lviv VS coronavirus: statistics as of September 29


According to Halyna Slichna, Deputy Mayor of Lviv and Head of the City Headquarters for Counteracting Coronavirus, as of 08.00 in Lviv and Lviv region, 20085 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed, of which 560 were fatal.

Yesterday, laboratory centers conducted 1452 PCR tests. Therefore, 169 are positive. Among them are 72 Lviv residents.

In total, coronavirus infection was detected – in 20085 people, 560 people died. 6953 patients recovered.

According to available data, laboratory centers performed 1452 PCR tests yesterday, 169 of them were positive. Among them, Lviv residents are 72. There are no samples left in the refrigerator.

During the whole period of quarantine, 9340 people applied to the Lviv Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, 2117 people were hospitalized, 7223 people received outpatient treatment, and 1948 people were discharged. Currently, 167 people are in the hospital, including 9 people in intensive care, and 3 people in mechanical ventilation.

As of this morning, there are 53 patients in the 8th city clinical hospital, 48 patients in the 1st city clinical hospital, and 144 patients in the ambulance hospital.

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