How should the SEO strategy be changed to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on your business?


Pandemic and society

Firstly, it should be emphasized that, as a result of the pandemic, online searchers have been used extensively and often, not only to obtain information, but also to find various goods and services to make a purchase without leaving home.

Secondly, consumers have also changed their shopping habits in terms of choice. Whereas in the past many people focused on satisfying desires, now the focus is on the most important needs, especially when thinking about well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

As many people spend more time at home, you need to think about how SEO optimization and other marketing services can be tailored to the needs of your target audience.

Every website should have a section dedicated to COVID-19 news

If the pandemic has seriously affected your business, such a section on the website is especially necessary. This will not only inform people about how your business is changing during this period, but will also ensure that you do not lose part of the traffic to your website.

For example, if you run a catering establishment, in this section you can tell us what security measures are followed in the company, as well as whether and what options are offered to customers, for example, home delivery or take-away purchase is now available.

Find new and engaging topics to create content for

Website optimization, adapting to the current situation, can be a key element in driving traffic to your business website. Therefore, it is necessary to rethink SEO strategy, focusing on what content your target audience wants to see.

An experienced and professional digital marketing agency can help you find out what keywords and topics consumers are most looking for right now and find ways to stand out from the competition. Based on the data and statistics, the best content strategy can be developed to be used in the current situation.

Examples include Google search terms, such as “online learning” or other related topics.

Use quality help

Managing a business in these difficult circumstances can take time, effort and nerves, so use the help of professionals to achieve the desired results. Advertising agency SEO Media offers a wide range of services, including available SEO services, Google advertising, content development, website design and much more.

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