The number of people who died due to coronavirus exceeded 1 million


WorldometersAccording to the data of Turkey, due to the corona virus epidemic, The death toll exceeded 1 million. The number of people who died in the epidemic 1 million 211 ‘While reaching e, the total number of cases is 33 million 178 thousand 318 ‘rose to.

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continues vaccine and drug development for Turkey in the Covidien-19

China’in Wuhan While the corona virus epidemic, which occurred in the city and affected the whole world, continues to spread rapidly, second wave is happening.

world total number of cases across 33 million 178 thousand 318 ‘e, total loss of life 1 million 211 ‘reached. The number of people who regained health by defeating the Corona virus 24 million 505 thousand 65 ‘rose to.

Corona virus pandemic

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca ‘explained by 27 September Sunday According to the data of the day, today Turkey’of his 68 lives within 24 hours total as a result of losing loss of life 7 thousand 997 happened. Today 1.467 new cases detected and total number of cases 314 bin 433’rose to.

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Other countries with the most casualties

  • Mexico: 76,000 casualties
  • England: 42 thousand casualties
  • Italy: 35 thousand casualties
  • Peru: 32,000 casualties
  • France: 31 thousand 700 casualties
  • Spain: 31 thousand 232 casualties
  • Iran: 25 thousand 589 casualties.

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