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Perm theaters closed

The leading theaters of Perm announced a two-week “intermission”. The forced break is associated with the outbreak of the coronavirus that has engulfed the troupes. All performances have been canceled, including the long-awaited premieres. Doctors daily monitor the health status of artists, technical service workers, workshops, and administrative personnel. In social networks, the townspeople strongly support the theater teams. “Get well soon! We are already so bored! – writes one of the Perm. – Everything will be fine!”

Unemployed Tomsk went to study

A large-scale professional retraining project has started in Tomsk. Unemployed local residents will be able to get a new specialty for free and find a job. Classes are conducted by the Center for Advanced Professional Training of the Tomsk Region. You can master the specialties related to graphic design, the organization of excursion services, programming for 1C and others.

Samba is carried over

The famous carnival in Rio, which was supposed to take place in mid-February, has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was announced by the President of the League of Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro, Jorge Castaneiro. However, it is possible that if an effective vaccine appears, the holiday could take place. Carnival is held annually before Lent: from Friday to Tuesday. In 2021, it was supposed to take place from February 12 to 17.

Coronavirus has affected the psyche of New Yorkers

The study “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of New Yorkers” showed that the coronavirus epidemic has damaged not only the physical but also the mental health of New Yorkers. According to experts from the city health department, about 44 percent of New Yorkers experienced constant fear of a new infection, and 36 suspected they were depressed within a few weeks after the outbreak of the pandemic.

Gentlemen against

Sixteen detainees and twelve injured, of which nine are police officers, is the result of a protest by opponents of quarantine, announced last week by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. We will remind that from September 25 in Britain there are strict restrictions caused by the coronavirus epidemic. The regime, which is referred to here as the “rule of six restrictions”, involves telecommuting, masks threatened with a fine of £ 200, strict police control, to which military units are sent, and the closure of pubs at 10 pm.

The British do not want to be sick or comply with the six restrictions set by the government. Photo: AP

Flights to Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and South Korea resume

Three directions return to the flight cards of pilots of Russian airlines. Flights to Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic and South Korea, interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic, are resumed. The epidemic situation allows for this. Yesterday the Aeroflot board departed from Sheremetyevo for Nur-Sultan, and on October 1, flights from Moscow to Seoul and Prague are planned. There are two flights a week to the Czech Republic, and one for the other two.

Revealed the cause of the severe course of coronavirus

Autoantibodies to COVID-19 were detected in 10% of those examined by scientists from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Rockefeller University, the results of their study were published in the journal Science. Their presence in the body causes a severe course of the disease. Autoantibodies attach to the coronavirus, as a result, the blow to the immune system is much stronger. In addition, in 94% of cases, autoantibodies were found in men and only in 6% of cases in women.

Quarantine before Christmas offered in France

Last year’s two Nobel Prize winners in economics, Frenchwoman Esther Duflo and Indian-American researcher Abhijit Banerjee, have called on the French authorities to impose harsh isolation across the country ahead of Catholic Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25. In an article published in the local newspaper Le Monde, economists argue that quarantine should be introduced throughout the country from December 1 to 20. And then conduct mass testing for coronavirus.

COVID-19 Suppresses Civil Liberties in Europe

The European Civil Liberties Union has prepared a report that indicates violations of these freedoms and human rights, out of proportion to the threat of a pandemic. According to Euronews, the report contains examples of the abuse of quarantine measures, mainly in Eastern Europe. For example, a Romanian student was fined 200 euros for criticizing the mayor of her city in a public place, and two Polish activists were charged with distributing posters that question official statistics.

Patient data

According to the operational headquarters for monitoring and controlling the situation with coronavirus, as of September 27, 7,867 new cases were detected in Russia. Including 2016 – in Moscow. In total, 1,151,438 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Russia. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 943,218 people have recovered.

Infographics “RG” / Alexander Chistov / Alexey Duel


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