Tsetsadze contracted coronavirus, so he did not attend the match with Zorya


Lvov’s mentor tested positive for COVID-19.

Georgy Tsetsadze, PFC Lviv
28 September 2020, 01:10

PFC Lviv head coach Georgy Tsetsadze was not present at his team’s fight against Zorya, which took place in the fourth round of the Ukrainian Premier League and ended with a crushing victory for the Luhansk club (5: 0).

Information appeared in the media about the resignation of the Georgian specialist, but in fact, Lvov’s mentor contracted the coronavirus and was unable to visit the stadium. This was reported by dDirector of TV channels Football 1/2/3 Alexander Denisov.

“We contacted the general director of Lvov with Andrey Pankiv, who denied this information. At the moment, this is a fake, don’t believe it. Tsetsadze remains in the team. I quote Pankiv literally:” Where will he go from the submarine? ”

“At the moment, we can wish Georgy Tsetsadze good health: the head coach of FC Lviv has been diagnosed with a coronavirus. We really hope that he will surely defeat him,” said Alexander Denisov in the program Great football.

As a reminder, watch the video of the heads and review of the match Lviv – Zarya you can on Football.ua


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