President Santokhi announces new measures against Covid-19 – Dagblad Suriname


Inland flights will resume

Air traffic is otherwise only open for direct passenger traffic from the Netherlands

President Chandrikapersad Santokhi announced new measures in a television speech on Sunday evening in the context of combating the Covid-19 virus.

The following measures apply from Monday 28 September to Sunday 11 October:

Measure 1

The curfew is set from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM. This is partly due to the opening of the afternoon and evening schools.

Outside of curfew times, the following measures apply:

Measure 2

The gathering prohibition is valid for groups larger than ten people. It is prohibited to hold parties, including house parties. No dispensations will be granted for this.

Measure 3

Funeral, funeral and religious gatherings

meetings are permitted only if and insofar as no more than 50 persons are present on site at the same time.

Measure 4

Outdoor sports activities are allowed to take place normally. It remains unimpaired that contact sports are not allowed.

Measure 5

Passenger transport by means of public transport by road or water is only permitted with due observance of the public transport protocol.

Measure 6

Brothels, bars, night clubs, dance halls, discotheques and the like will remain closed.

Measure 7

Restaurants and other commercial eateries may only open for takeout or delivery, provided they have outdoor terraces.

Also open are: recreation resorts, casinos, gambling and entertainment facilities, gaming offices, gyms, yoga dance schools, aerobics, zumba, sports and fitness centers or facilities, contact professions, such as physiotherapists, hairdressing salons, hairdressers and barbershops and markets. All this in accordance with the applicable protocols, taking into account the Covid measures.

Measure 8

With regard to international flights: the border is by air

only open for direct passenger traffic from the Netherlands.

The following conditions apply: the ability to submit a negative Covid-19 test and a mandatory quarantine period of 10 days.

Measure 9

Inland flights will resume in compliance with the

protocols and after an investigation of Zorg en Hoop airport.


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