Patients with signs of COVID-19 will begin to be tested for influenza


Photo: Igor Samokhvalov / PG

The rules that hospitals must follow during an epidemic of coronavirus infection now apply to the treatment of patients not only with COVID-19 and pneumonia, but also with severe and complicated forms of influenza. The new edition of the corresponding order of the Ministry of Health comes into force on September 28.

Now, in addition to the coronavirus test, patients with signs of SARS will also be tested for influenza. Until the results are obtained, patients will be kept in boxes or wards with an airlock. If the covid test is negative, the patient with the flu will be transferred to a two- or four-bed ward. If the coronavirus is confirmed, the patient will be sent to a specialized hospital for treatment.

To help doctors on the basis of the N.I. Smorodintsev, the second Federal Remote Consultative Center for the clinic, pathogenesis and treatment of severe forms of influenza will be created. Experts will advise physicians from any hospitals treating patients with suspected COVID-19.

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