ON-LINE: The Czechia already has over 600 dead with covid


21:14 – V Britain today, 5693 new cases of pandemic infection have been added to official statistics, and according to Johns Hopkins University (JHU), a total of 437,516 are already registered by island countries. According to JHU, Britain already has 42,077 deaths with covid-19, which is the highest in Europe.

21:02 – A record daily increase in those infected today was reported by the Netherlands: 2995. Record numbers are reported by the Dutch authorities almost every day since mid-September. The Netherlands recorded a previous record increase of 2,777 cases on Friday. According to JHU statistics, he already has 113,541 infected. In the Netherlands, 6,374 people have officially died with covid-19, eight of them in the last day.

20:55 – and France 11,123 people with coronavirus increased in the last 24 hours; 27 infected people died, ie 12 less than on Saturday. On Thursday, however, the number of new cases in the country reached a record 16,096.

Altogether, 538,569 people have fallen ill in France with covid-19, according to today’s updated data from the French Ministry of Health. In France, however, the share of positive tests is increasing, now standing at 7.4 percent.

19:59 – PThe number of deaths of people infected with coronavirus has already exceeded 600 in the Czech Republic since the beginning of the epidemic. Mortality remains among the lowest in the EU. As of Sunday, 601 deaths had been recorded in the Czech Republic with 64,012 positive tests.

By comparison, on May 19, 301 were killed in 8669 infected.

13:19 – The Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovič responded to the high numbers on the social network, asking Slovaks to cancel all family and company celebrations, celebrations, weddings, funeral feasts, but also ordinary family and friend visits.

“Don’t go to any sports or cultural events, even if it attracts you a lot. I am afraid that with such a drastic increase in the number of cases, we will have to completely ban mass events of all kinds (family, corporate, cultural, sports, church) before we break the neck with the increase of joint forces, “Matovič wrote on the social network. The Prime Minister of Slovakia also called for veils to be worn inside and out.

11:02 – V Hungary recorded 937 new cases of covid-19, six people died. A total of 24014 people have tested positive in the country so far and a total of 736 people have died.

11:00 – On Slovakia recorded 478 new cases of covid-19. A total of 9078 people have been tested positively in the country so far, and 44 people have died since the beginning of the pandemic in Slovakia.

10:35Mask reports 7867 coronavirus infections per day, the highest daily increase in three months. In total, they recorded over 1.1 million infected in Russia.

9:15 – In the Olomouc Region, 119 confirmed infections with the new coronavirus increased in 24 hours. On Saturday, the daily increase was a record, 269 cases, on Friday 155 were newly infected.

8:00 – Number of people who have been infected with coronavirus in Colombia, exceeded the limit of 800,000. Colombia is the fifth most infected in the world. More than 25,000 patients in the 50 million covid-19 country have died.

In Colombia, strict quarantine measures have been in place for five months since March, and the authorities began to release them a month ago. International flights can fly to the country again, but land and sea borders remain closed. Concerts and other large events are still banned, but restaurants have opened.

7:58 – Hygienists recorded on Saturday in South Bohemia 79 new cases of coronavirus. Most of them, 33, were added in the České Budějovice region. At the same time, 60 patients recovered. Currently, 1217 people are positive.

7:55 – As expected, the German Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported a smaller increase in coronavirus infections than in previous days. According to the RKI, 1411 new infections have been recorded in Germany in the last 24 hours.

There were 2507 new cases on Saturday, the most since April. Germany had the largest increases at the end of March, when more than 6,000 new diseases were registered per day.

A total of 284,140 people have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 in Germany, which has a population of about 83 million, since the beginning of the epidemic. Another five patients died with covid-19 on Saturday, bringing the total to 9457.

7:54The daily increase in the number of confirmed cases of covid-19 in the Czech Republic on Saturday slowed from Friday’s almost 3,000 to 1985. Pthe increase in those infected also decreased compared to last Saturday, when more than 2,000 cases were added. This follows from data on the website of the Ministry of Health.

There are currently about 31,800 patients, which is more than the total number of cured since the beginning of the epidemic, which is about 30,900.


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