Nightmare forecast for October with 7,000 cases and 250 deaths per day – Newsbeast


The government is fighting to avoid a total lockdown, even in Attica, something that might give the gratuitous shot to the Economy. The data are analyzed day by day and all the necessary targeted measures are taken in order to avoid the unfortunate eventuality.

However, what worries the infectious disease committee and consequently the government as informed by Sunday Night’s is the new study of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) prepared on September 17, for the course coronavirus at a depth of one month until October 1`9.

Based on the data from the spread of the virus so far, six nightmarish sections are reported for Greece.

THE first section has to do with the confirmed daily cases: here the basic scenario wants about 1,000 cases per day on the 19th of October 7000 with the most unfavorable and undesirable to exceed by far the 7,000 cases!

THE second section concerns the daily number of hospitalized: about 8,000 while the worst estimate exceeds 60,000!

THE third section is the daily number of those admitted to ICU with the good scenario counting them at 1,000 and the worst reaching 8,000!

THE fourth section has to do with deaths per day. The ECDC estimates them at 25 a day while the worst case scenario puts them at 250.

THE fifth section concerns new admissions to hospitals with European scientists counting them, always for Greece just over 1,000 or 7,000 in the worst case scenario of October 19th.

The eunit concerns new admissions to ICUs with the baseline being below 250 and around 1,250 at worst in three weeks from now.

The president of EODY Panagiotis Arkoumaneas as well as government officials state that this has not yet been discussed in the Committee of Experts. “We are waiting to see how the measures in force will work,” he said, adding: “If they do not work, we will have to see more measures to prevent the pandemic from escaping.”


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