New measures for coronavirus implemented – Cases in 100 schools in Athens (video)


Aiming to reduce cases and avoid a new lockdown, new measures are underway, focusing on Athens, which has at least half of the daily cases nationwide. Authorities are calling on citizens to work together to make the new measures effective. On Saturday 26/9, 315 new cases were announced in our country, of which 165 in Attica, with the total number now amounting to 17,228. We also had seven new deaths and a total of 376 deaths, while 68 patients are being treated by intubation.

Police conduct continuous patrols, making recommendations, even with loudspeakers. However, even on Saturday night, crowds prevailed in squares of many areas, such as Pagrati, Monastiraki and Exarchia. At the same time, health authorities continue to conduct “rapid tests” in neighborhoods of the capital with a heavy epidemiological burden and detect sporadic cases of the virus.

The Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias, expressed his concern about the crowded images, through Sky, and stressed that many measures have fallen on the table, including the use of the mask everywhere if the epidemiological indicators go up.

In more than 100 school units, mainly in Attica, the operation of part or the whole unit has been banned, while in Ilion 5 kindergartens were closed, as employees tested positive for the virus.

Closed from midnight until 5 in the morning in the epidemiologically burdened areas, kiosks, convenience stores, mini markets and cellars, in order to stop the sale of alcohol and crowding in squares, parks and other open spaces.

In Laconia

In 32 land workers in Skala, Laconia, cases of coronavirus were identified and their close contacts are being traced, as ERT correspondent Elias Maravas stated in the ERT news bulletin at 3pm, while a meeting will be held on Sunday afternoon where the measures will be decided in region. The 32 lived in two houses, a fact that based on the poor living conditions in them, shows why there was a large dispersion between them. There is already an EODY ladder in the area.

In Thessaloniki

Owners of restaurants, steakhouses, coffee bars and other health stores of the law of Thessaloniki demanded an extension of the opening hours of their stores, at least until two after midnight, with a protest held in the area of ​​the White Tower.

Shopkeepers gathered at the White Tower pavement after their shops closed at midnight – keeping their distance to prevent coronavirus transmission – to protest the pandemic’s limited opening hours due to the country’s pandemic.

The shopkeepers are referring to the reduction of their turnover and the loss of jobs and are requesting a change in the measure and an extension of the opening hours.

Shortly after 1 am, the protesters moved towards the street and closed Nikis Avenue and Pavlou Mela Street and later Ethnikis Aminis Street at the height of the White Tower and remained on the road for several hours.

The international image

Alarm in the global community around the world to deal with the pandemic. The number of cases is on the rise in France, strict restraint measures are in force in Britain, while in Italy, the country that was tested, with tragic consequences, since the launch of covid 19 last February, the number 1 patient sends his own message of hope, through his participation in a marathon road that connects Kontonio and Bo, the 2 areas that mourned thousands of dead.

Sources: ERT, A ‘Program with data from ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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