Measures for the coronavirus: The “map” of infringements


The police continue to carry out checks throughout Greece for the implementation of the measures restricting the spread of coronavirus.In this context, yesterday (45,610) inspections were carried out throughout the country and the following violations were confirmed:

Twelve violations for rules of operation of shops and private enterprises (prohibition of operation, non-use of mask by the staff, percentage of square meter per person, distances of table seats, non-declaration of appointment and list of customers, etc.) and suspension of operation was imposed on four stores for large numbers of customers, two of which in Epirus and one in Thessaly and Peloponnese.
From the beginning of August have been fully certified (699) related violations and (56) people have been arrested.Six for operation of stores beyond 24:00 with the imposition of an administrative fine 10,000 euros and three-day suspension, of which three in Attica and one in Thessaloniki, South Aegean and Crete.

Since the entry into force of the measure (Tuesday, August 11), a total of (130) relevant infringements.

(1) for non-completion of the electronic form PLF (Passenger Locator Form) by a traveler.
A total of (191) relevant violations have been confirmed since the beginning of August.
(187) for non-use of a mask – non-observance of a prescribed distance and an equal number of administrative fines of EUR 150 were imposed, as follows:
(34) in Thessaloniki,

(32) in Central Macedonia,
(21) in Crete,
(15) in the North Aegean,
(15) in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace,
(14) in Central Greece,
(13) in Epirus,
(11) in the Ionian Islands,
(10) in Western Greece,
(8) in Attica,
(7) in Thessaly,
(6) in the Peloponnese and
(1) in Western Macedonia.It is noted that from early August, a total of 16,889 infringements have been confirmed and 16,855 administrative fines of 150 euros and 14 of 300 euros have been imposed.

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