Mayor killed by COVID-19, still elected in a commune in Olt County


The mayor of Deveselu commune, from Olt, Ion Aliman, who died on September 17, due to COVID-19, won the elections on Sunday. The situation worthy of a film script is real, so in Deveselu elections will be held again.

The mayor of Deveselu commune, from Olt, Ion Aliman, PSD candidate for a new mandate, was confirmed with COVID-19 on September 4, he was hospitalized at the COVID Support Hospital in Caracal, but because his health deteriorated, was transferred to Colentina Hospital in the Capital. He died here on September 17.

However, the citizens of the commune voted for him to be their mayor, although Aliman is dead.
According to some political sources, Ion Aliman gathered 1,020 votes out of 1,600 validly cast.

The same number of votes was in the Local Council, so that PSD will have Deveselu as a deputy mayor, who will be the interim mayor until the by-elections, which will be organized for the election of the mayor.


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