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For travelers from the Netherlands it is possible to fly to Suriname again from Monday. The condition is that they go into quarantine for ten days in a location designated by the Surinamese government. The costs are for your own account. Visitors must also show that they have undergone a corona test and have not been declared infected. President Chan Santokhi announced this in a television speech.

Surinamese airspace has been closed since March 14 this year. On that day the first corona infection in Suriname was diagnosed. Limited air traffic has taken place in recent months. For example, KLM and SLM were allowed to operate cargo flights. Repatriation flights also took place for stranded Surinamese and Dutch people.

Flights to the villages and recreation resorts in the interior will also be allowed again, says Santokhi. These are of great importance in connection with the fight against poverty. Handing out food parcels is a lot faster than when all cargo has to go to remote places by boat.

The resumption of air traffic from the Netherlands is very welcome for Suriname. The arrival of Dutch tourists and other visitors can contribute to boosting the Surinamese economy, which is in a bad state.

According to Santokhi, the number of corona cases in the country is moving in the right direction. This is reflected in the lower occupancy rate in hospitals and IC departments. More and more companies and organizations are also allowed to open their doors, provided they adhere to the agreed rules. Schools and public transport are also getting back to work. Nevertheless, the president called on the Surinamese to adhere to the measures in the coming weeks.

The curfew also remains in effect, albeit shortened by an hour. From now on it will apply from 9 pm to 5 am the following morning. Santokhi also referred to the situation in Europe and especially the Netherlands. While we are experiencing a stable situation here in Suriname, many countries in Europe are currently experiencing an increase in infections. We will continue to monitor the outcome closely, ”said the president.

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