In London, rallies against restrictions due to COVID-19 took place


Thousands of Londoners took part in a demonstration in Trafalgar Square on Saturday against new restrictive measures in connection with the expansion of the COVID-19 epidemic. Many participants in the march were without masks and spoke out against the restriction of their freedoms.

London police, however, warned that crowded meetings and actions in the current conditions threaten the health of every person and his relatives. The police also said they would not tolerate acts of violence or hostility towards law enforcement officials or other citizens. About it reports Euronews.

Police admit that demonstrations are an exception to the rule of “not gathering more than six in one place,” but continue to insist on strict adherence to a safe distance between protesters.

Britain has been the hardest hit among European nations from the pandemic. 42 thousand of its citizens have become victims of coronavirus infection. Movement restrictions will be imposed on half of Wales, including the capital Cardiff, later this week.

In recent days, the largest acceleration in the spread of the virus has been recorded in Europe (+ 22% compared to last week). According to the university Johns Hopkins, the total number of cases in all countries of the world was 32.2 million people, more than 983 thousand patients died.


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