Hungarian Prime Minister Orban called sanctions for the occupation of Crimea “unreasonable policy”


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban considered unreasonable the EU sanctions policy against Russia for the annexation of Crimea. According to him, you need to be tough militarily with Russia, but at the same time maintain trade relations.

The European Union must reconsider its sanctions policy towards Russia. This also applies to sanctions for the annexation of the Ukrainian Crimea, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview. Reuters September 25.

According to him, the EU countries’ sanctions policy against Russia is not reasonable. When asked whether the EU should impose new sanctions for the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, the Hungarian prime minister replied that “from the Hungarian point of view, it is not clear why this should be done.”

Hungary is ready to consider this issue (sanctions for the poisoning of Navalny), if the European Union initiates it, Orban specified.

The Hungarian prime minister considers it necessary to pursue a tough military policy against Russia, but at the same time actively cooperate with her in trade.

Ambassador of Hungary to Ukraine Istvan Idyarto in an interview with the agency “Interfax-Ukraine” confirmed Hungary’s support for the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation for the annexation of Crimea and incitement to war in Donbass.

“With regard to the conflict over the Crimean Peninsula and Donbass. Hungary supports the EU’s position, which is quite open and clear and consists in supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation in order to stop such actions, which began in 2014. “, – said Idyarto.

Russia annexed Crimea after illegal referendum on March 16, 2014… The accession of the peninsula to the Russian Federation is not recognized by Ukraine and most countries of the world. At the moment, there is a checkpoint regime between mainland Ukraine and Crimea, and Kiev de facto does not control the peninsula.

There are several EU sanctions packages against Russia, including prohibiting European companies from investing in Crimea (this package was approved in December 2014). European and EU-based companies are prohibited from buying real estate or organizations in Crimea, financing Crimean businesses or providing related services; European tour operators are prohibited from offering vacations in the occupied peninsula.


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