How Trump undermines Covid-19 vaccine approval


The Commissioner Steven Hahn The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been working for weeks to prepare a proposal for stricter conditions for expedited authorization a vaccine against COVID-19, in the hope of boosting public confidence in the US government’s biggest health decision in decades, Politico reports.

Science will guide our decisions, “he explained to a Senate committee the day before yesterday, Wednesday. “The FDA will not allow any pressure from anyone to change this,” he said.

Hours later, President Donald Trump sought to do just that. Outraged by the prospect of new rules slowing down the process, Trump blew up the FDA’s carefully crafted plans to have the final say in his administration’s approval of the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine.

Since then, the White House demanded from Khan to provide a more comprehensive justification for his attempt to impose stricter conditions, according to two government officials. This is a presidential mandate that could prevent the proposal from being adopted forever.

This move restricted health officials in a torturous position, which they are now familiar with, with their position being undermined by a presidential statement that degrades their work, while high-ranking officials on the other hand try to pretend that all is well and nothing is wrong.

“There is no political intervention,” the health minister said shortly afterwards Alex Azar. “The FDA at the level of career executives must take responsibility, and the American people need to be reassured,” he said.

Almost from the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, Trump has promised that a vaccine will be available soon, and has been at odds several times with his administration experts over the timetable and conditions for approval. of.

The goal, as he himself has clarified, is a vaccine practically available before the day of presidential elections. This is the focus of Trump’s claims that his administration deserves an “excellent tone” rating for its response to COVID-19.



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