French mayors resist Covid-19 measures


The measures of universal closure of restaurants and cafes caused anger among the mayors and the professionals of the sector. Thanks to their mobilizations, the measures were relaxed. Bars and cafes close in Brussels from 23:00.

The “bra de fer” of the mayors of the major cities of the south of France against the new measures envisaged by the government, achieved a first relaxation: First, the closure of bars and restaurants to start tonight and not earlier, having thus won the weekend, and second, to re-evaluate the evolution within 7 and not 14 days. The measure mainly concerns bars and restaurants of the metropolis of Aix – Marseille-Provence, with 92 communities. Even the presence of Health Minister Olivier Veran himself in Marseille last Friday to convince him of the need for the measures did not work. “If we expect the situation to improve on its own, we risk taking even tougher measures than we announced,” he warned local officials. Mainly the resistance of the Prefect of the region, Reno Michelie, contributed to the good result: in his statements he called on the government “every decision to be fair, balanced and measured to be accepted” and asked not to implement the measures in the region, despite the fact that considered a high risk zone.

Marseille is in the “red”

Michelle did not stop there. He said he would take legal action with the catering professionals in the Administrative Court of Marseilles against any measure that disproportionately restricts the exercise of the freedom of entrepreneurship and trade. However, Marseille holds the scepter of the negative case record with 281 per 100,000 inhabitants. At the same time, a worrying increase in cases is now observed in schools and universities across the country. There are 285 new homes and already 1,152 classrooms have closed in schools. The Institute of Political Science in Paris and Reims is also closed.

From tomorrow, the bars and cafes of Brussels will close their doors from 11 pm, as part of the new restrictive measures to limit the transmission of the virus. The measure does not include restaurants. Opposite stores that sell alcoholic products will close at 10 pm.

Olympia Tsipira, Paris

Source: German wave


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