First asylum seeker dies in Greece due to Covid-19


The cause of the Covid-19 outbreak that broke out in refugee camps in Greece was the first time an asylum seeker died.

Located in greece refugee The cause of the Covid-19 outbreak that broke out in the camps was the first time a refugee died.

The corona virus outbreak continues to spread in refugee camps in Greece. capital AthensFor the first time, an asylum seeker died today in Malakasa Refugee Camp, located in the north of Turkey, due to Covid-19. Authorities stated that the asylum-seeker was 61 years old, of Afghan origin and father of two children, and that he died while being treated in a hospital in the capital. The officials stated that the people with Afghan immigrant provincial contact were traced and did not share how long the asylum seeker had been treated in the hospital.

Quarantine measures have been implemented since September 7, following the detection of corona virus cases in Malakasa Camp, which hosts approximately 3 thousand immigrants. Greece hosts at least 110 thousand immigrants, 40 thousand of which are kept in overcrowded camps on 5 islands. Quarantine measures are implemented in many camps in the country to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

After the corona virus was detected in refugees in Moria, the largest refugee camp in Greece, a fire broke out in the camp. Approximately 13 thousand refugees lived in the Moria camp, which has a capacity of approximately 2 thousand 750 people. Thousands of immigrants slept in the fields and roads for days.

On the other hand, the total number of cases in Greece reached 17 thousand 444 and the total loss of life reached 379. – ATHENS

Source: ─░hlas News Agency


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