Covid-19 measures will be implemented in polling places on October 11 – BRTK


During the Presidential election and Constitutional amendment referendum to be held on October 11, the Supreme Election Council determined some rules to be applied at the ballot box different from previous elections due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Videos were prepared to inform voters and officials about the rules determined by the YSK.

Accordingly, a hand disinfectant will be given to each ballot box committee, it will be observed that the heads of the ballot box, board members and those who enter the room are constantly wearing masks, and those who do not wear masks will not be allowed in.

In case the ballot box committee inquires about identity, the person will have to take down the mask and show his face.

The windows will be kept open constantly in the voting places. Disposable gloves supplied by the YSK will be given to the citizens coming to vote. The gloves used will be asked to be thrown into the garbage bag at the exit.

The head of the ballot box and the police in charge of the ballot box will ensure that those waiting to vote comply with the social distance rules.

If the area is available, a mark will be placed on the ground at every one-meter intervals to show the places where the waiting people will stop.


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