Coronavirus has taken a new round around the world


The coronavirus infection curve has shot up again. Growth in almost all Commonwealth countries. The leaders are Russia. September 27 – 7867 cases per day. This is 350 more than the day before, says MIR 24 correspondent Rodion Marinichev.

The mask mode continues to operate. For those who for some reason decided that it is already possible to do without masks, the controllers remind: no one has canceled the safety rules.

“We are currently undergoing a two-stage control: at metro stations, in lobbies, as well as in subway cars. Despite the abolition of the obligatory wearing of masks and gloves on the street, they are still obligatory in public transport, ”recalls Elena Myasishcheva, head of the Department for Control of the Rules for Using the Moscow Metro.

If you meet a person in a protective suit on the street or, moreover, in transport, you should not be scared and consider him an eccentric. He just cares about his and your health. If these clothes are still the lot of the elite, then the mask and gloves are definitely the hit of the 2020 season. And perhaps not only that.

Together with the free riders, the Moscow controllers catch the “maskless”. If the mask does not appear, the fine is 5 thousand rubles, there is no other way. This week two psychological barriers were overcome in the capital at once. On Thursday, September 24, more than a thousand (1050) people became infected per day. On Sunday, September 27 – more than two thousand (2016) per day. Three weeks ago it was three times less – 620. It turns out that now Moscow has rolled back to the June indicators.

“We can see a negative trend in the hospitalization of people with coronavirus infection. In the last week alone, the daily number of hospitalized people has increased by about 30%, ”said Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development.

Growth will continue, doctors warn. It was predictable. There is no talk of a new total quarantine yet. The main thing now is not to forget about security measures.

“Look what is happening on the streets, in Moscow, for example: crowds, crowds without masks, in companies! This is life at random! What for? Should we arrange excursions to the intensive care units so that people feel it? ” – President of the National Medical Chamber Leonid Roshal is indignant.

In an ordinary Moscow supermarket, there is not a single masked person in the checkout line. Even the cleaning lady has no visible protective equipment. The director of the sudden inspection by Rospotrebnadzor is clearly not happy. Now she is likely to answer in court. Inspection comments may be enough to close the store.

“There was no stock of disinfectants. Also, the enterprise did not carry out thermometry, that is, the employees of the store did not control their own specialists, ”stated Anastasia Pavlicheva, deputy head of the food supervision department of the Rospotrebnadzor administration in Moscow.

For violation of the mask regime, in Moscow alone, they ordered to close about 50 stores. Fines were issued for 200 million rubles. TSUM was fined for a million.

“We need to work with people very carefully, calmly, unobtrusively, explaining the complexity of today’s situation, and where it is possible, of course, we need to ask people to observe the necessary rules, including the mask mode. Of course, this is not always comfortable for people, but getting sick is worse, ”said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In Moscow and the region, everyone over 65 is advised not to leave the house from September 28. Businesses are reassigning employees to remote work. The coronavirus has made its way into power: 13 State Duma deputies, 9 governors. The head of the Altai Territory Viktor Tomenko confirmed the diagnosis this week.

“I am undergoing outpatient treatment at home. I feel quite normal. The only thing is that the temperature is about 37.5, sometimes 38 degrees is still present, ”said the Governor of the Altai Territory Viktor Tomenko.

In terms of the number of cases, the regions are catching up with Moscow. In terms of mortality, the top ten included Dagestan, Krasnoyarsk and Kamchatka regions, Arkhangelsk, Tula, Murmansk regions, Kalmykia, Tyva, Moscow. St. Petersburg became the leader. 54 deaths per 100 thousand people. Moreover, more and more young people are among the victims.

“I would like to urge the young: if you feel unwell, symptoms that are similar to coronavirus, or other symptoms that are not associated with respiratory viral infections, despite your young age, you should seek medical help in a timely manner,” stressed a general practitioner, member of a regional organization “Doctors of St. Petersburg” Alexander Sonin.

More than four thousand additional beds have already been deployed in the city. Patients with suspected coronavirus began to receive the boarding house “Zarya”. This avoided a shortage of places in hospitals. Currently, 18% of beds are free, according to the city’s Health Committee. In terms of the average daily increase in infected, St. Petersburg is comparable to the CIS countries. In most republics of the Commonwealth, the coronavirus is also gaining momentum.

In Kazakhstan, for the lack of masks in shops and transport, a fine of $ 195 will be issued. In Moldova, 150 dollars. Fines have also been introduced in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

Anti-record week in Georgia. Every day there are more than 200 new cases. There are already almost 5 thousand infected in the country. So in the near future the republic may lose the status of the “green zone”, which was preserved during the entire period of the pandemic. Most of the cases are in Adjara. Even employees of a textile factory where they sew medical masks were infected there. The enterprise is closed for quarantine. Public transport in Batumi and Kobuleti stopped working. Canteens, cafes and restaurants are only open until 22:00. In most Georgian schools, classes are taught remotely. The same is true in universities.

Anti-records in Moldova. More than 700 new cases of coronavirus are detected per day. Chisinau is in the lead. In the capital, strict restrictions may be introduced again, up to the stop of public transport. The authorities associate the rapid spread of COVID-19 with the fact that people relaxed early and stopped observing security measures.

There are now over 300 new cases in Armenia per day. Growth began in mid-September. This is due to the fact that people returned from vacations, after the summer holidays, schools and universities started working again. However, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan promised that there would be no re-quarantine. At the same time, he urged to tighten control.

In Baku, due to the difficult situation with COVID-19, students of several schools were transferred to distance learning. In the Guba region of the republic, the coronavirus was found in 95 students and 26 teachers. The Ministry of Education explains the cause of the mass infection in schools by non-observance of social distance and neglect of protective masks.

Kyrgyzstan is preparing for the second wave with might and main. Additional hospitals are being reopened throughout the country, and beds are being prepared. The authorities have promised that, if necessary, they can be deployed on the basis of family medicine centers within 24 hours.

Belarusian doctors are also preparing for the second wave. So far, insignificant growth is recorded in the republic, and a pandemic is raging in neighboring countries. So, cases of importation of infection cannot be ruled out. That is why, starting next week, the country may introduce a two-week quarantine according to COVID-19 for people coming from the west. The final decision on this issue will be made by the Belarusian president.

The situation in Tajikistan is still stable. The number of cases is not growing or decreasing. On average, 40 new cases per day. About 90% of all infected people were cured. For several months now, all institutions in the country have been operating normally, but with strict observance of sanitary standards. Masks must be worn in all public places.

In Kazakhstan, the number of patients is decreasing. There have even been days this week when, for the first time since the pandemic began, no deaths have been reported. But there are still foci. For example, the virus was found in several schools in the East Kazakhstan region. Quarantine has been declared there. President Tokayev flew to Almaty last week, where the situation is also difficult.

No precautions have helped Israel to avoid a second total quarantine. There are more than 200 thousand confirmed diagnoses in the country. The authorities introduced restrictions last week, but thousands are still taking to the streets. To protest. There is no question of a safe distance. The mask, perhaps, looks best in the portrait of Prime Minister Netanyahu. He is accused of inaction and corruption.

“The current quarantine has nothing to do with caring for people’s health. I think Netanyahu introduced it only to avoid trial, ”says protester Ariel Baker.

Netanyahu himself in response only tightened quarantine. It is even stricter than in March. They closed everything that was possible. True, they promised to let them into synagogues from time to time. Drones help monitor compliance. The police will find it everywhere.

This is the second wave – officially recognized by the authorities of 10 European countries, from Slovakia to Spain. In France, such a formulation is still avoided. But you can’t argue with numbers. This week – an anti-record for the number of infected per day, 16 thousand 132. This was not even in the spring. It’s the same in the UK. During the day – 6 thousand 878 infected. The April figures were exceeded by almost one and a half thousand (then there were 5 thousand 505). The new restrictions that the authorities introduced this week could last six months.

“Bars and pubs will close earlier. Orders will only be accepted from those sitting at the tables. Those establishments and institutions that did not take care of the protection of personnel will completely stop working. If possible, we ask office workers to work from home, ”British Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the citizens.

In two districts of the city, they went even further: they banned smoking at remote work. However, how to control this is not clear. The wearing of masks will be monitored especially carefully. Violators can be fined up to £ 200. For many, this is half the monthly budget.

“In some shops a person stands at the door and reminds them, checks, but in some there is no such person. In general, people were quite disciplined in wearing masks even before the fine. Now, I think, there will be everyone. This is a good incentive, ”says journalist Maria Slonim.

American actor Adrien Brody also has an incentive not to get infected. He tested the Russian coronavirus vaccine on himself. The Oscar-bearer assures: he voluntarily participated in the tests in New York, about which he wrote on Instagram in part in Russian. He says everything is fine with him, although he feels a little strange. Hopefully his donkey ears won’t grow.


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