Coronavirus comes again: masks remain a must-have for Muscovites


The coronavirus is attacking humanity again. The World Health Organization announced a record increase in SARSCoV-2 cases over the past week. Another two million people were infected. Growth is happening in all countries of the world, and many of them are returning to heightened security. So, Sweden and Finland, having opened their borders for only 8 days, decided to close them again. Bulgaria has extended the emergency epidemiological situation until the end of November.
In Russia and in Moscow, the number of detected cases of the new coronavirus is also growing. But there is no reason to panic. Over the past six months, the capital’s healthcare system has accumulated vast experience and has proven its effectiveness in combating the disease. All clinics are fully provided with the necessary equipment and drugs. The reserve fund of beds created back in spring can be used at any time – both for treatment and for observation.

But doctors tirelessly emphasize that the best way to cope with COVID-19 is not to get sick with it. And preventive measures are simple and effective. Let’s remind them: if possible, avoid crowds of people, wash your hands thoroughly and for a long time, and be sure – be sure! – wear a mask and gloves outside the house. If you follow all this, you can avoid introducing a strict regime of self-isolation. In the meantime, in Moscow, they still talk about small restrictions – for certain groups of citizens who are especially at risk of infection.

“The fight against COVID-19, which we started this spring, was successful and effective.

We have saved thousands of lives and reduced the number of infections many times over. The decisive role in this was played by discipline and the conscious implementation of sanitary restrictions on the part of millions of Muscovites, ”Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog. But, noting that the coronavirus has not yet been defeated and we all need to be vigilant, he urged Muscovites over 65 and all citizens suffering from chronic diseases not to leave their homes or leave their suburban garden area without special need: “Please temporarily refuse contacts with relatives and friends who live separately. Outdoor walks and exercise are not limited. ” Pregnant women have been added to these categories.

We are not talking about citywide “vacations”, the closure of any enterprises and other restrictions. But the mayor of Moscow earnestly asks and recommends all organizations that have such an opportunity to switch to remote work. “Without prejudice to the core business processes in your organization and consumer interests, of course,” Sobyanin stresses in his blog. By the way, 30% of the employees of the capital’s mayor’s office switch to remote mode from Monday.

First of all, the remote mode of work concerns representatives of all the same risk groups: the elderly, pregnant women and people with chronic diseases.

Once again, it is worth emphasizing that all these restrictions are only advisory in nature. In other cities and countries, the authorities are much more severe. All restaurants and bars are closing in French Marseille. Sweden, which declared its refusal to quarantine measures in the spring, is now considering introducing quarantine in Stockholm – the “liberal” epidemiological tactics did not save the country from the outbreak of COVID. In Israel, until October 10, the “sealed quarantine” may last, during which only grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as industrial enterprises, where it is impossible to stop the production cycle, will work. And in Spanish Madrid, they generally resorted to the help of the army – they isolate 37 poor districts and suburbs. And by the way, about 850 thousand people live there.

Moscow, with its effective disease monitoring system and well-proven medicine in the fight against coronavirus, can afford to maintain a delicate regime of protection measures for now. The Moscow Mayor in his blog emphasizes that the elderly and chronically ill are not forbidden to go out for a walk in uncrowded parks and squares. Nobody will stop them on the street and fine them. Social cards and Troika cards will not be blocked. The only thing is that people are asked not to move around the city without special need.

In this regard, by the way, the work of the system of social services and support for citizens who must stay at home is resumed. There is a single hot line. Her phone number is 8 (495) 870-45-09. Citizens from the risk group can, by calling, leave a request for the delivery of food, medicine and essentials, for medical consultations and for walking the dogs. Pregnant women and people with chronic diseases can, by calling, get a sick leave. In this sense, working pensioners find it even easier. For them, sick leave will be drawn up automatically after sending the lists of employees from employers to the Social Insurance Fund.

In addition, the mayor of Moscow announced the early start of the heating season. It will be warm and comfortable for pensioners to stay at home – heating in Moscow will begin on 28 September. Well, those pensioners who still live in dachas can count on the delivery of firewood to the plots at discounted prices. Let us remind that this program worked from May to July, 32 thousand Muscovite summer residents took advantage of it. The need for firewood delivery can be announced by calling the same hotline.

But if you, regardless of age, gender or health condition, are going to go to the store, please wear a mask and gloves. And most importantly, do not forget about them on public transport. Fines for being there without personal protective equipment are still imposed on all violators. Nobody canceled the mask regime in Moscow.

Similar requirements apply to shops, restaurants, theaters and other public places. They still operate in compliance with the already established security measures. Nobody is going to close them. But any violations (and they are monitored very strictly) turn into serious administrative penalties. So, by the end of last week, 49 stores were closed in the capital. For non-observance of security measures, the Zuev culture house faces a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles. And not so much the administration of the Palace of Culture is to blame for this, but, alas, the public itself. The representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, who carried out the raid, emphasize that, although mask control was carried out at the entrance, the audience after it calmly took off their masks and went into the hall. And they reacted sluggishly to the comments of the administration.

So, irresponsible townspeople “help” shops and cultural institutions to get fined. And this is especially offensive. After all, they risk much more than a fine – health, their own and other people. And ahead of us are cold weather and a seasonal increase in a number of ARVI diseases, which will only enhance the effect of the coronavirus. The situation is not yet alarming, but already serious. Help yourself and the city! Put on your mask.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28375 of September 28, 2020

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Masks remain with the person


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