What is known about the An-26 crash near Kharkiv and the new strain Covid-19. The main thing for the past day


Anything you might not pay attention to or oversleep.

An-26 plane crash. In the Kharkiv region at 530 kilometers of the route Kyiv-Kharkiv at the approach to the landing of the rivergot upset An-26 of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition to the crew, cadets of the Kharkiv University of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were on board the plane.

In total – 27 people (7 crew members and 20 cadets). One cadet was not allowed to fly. 22 bodies were found. Two victims in medical institutions – one in critical condition, burns 90% of the body, the second – physically satisfactory, but in a severe psycho-emotional state. The search continues.

According to preliminary information, shortly before the crash of the An-26, the pilot reported the failure of one engine. According to the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Oleksiy Kucher, this is for an experienced pilot “Is not a critical situation”. What happened – will establish an investigation.

Coronavirus – Lviv – Kyiv. In the Lviv region Covid-19 recorded in 215 people (205 – the day before). Total 19 465. Recovered – 6 518 (+ 54), died – 543 (+ 6). During the day lab centers did 1,454 PCR tests.

IN Ukraine Covid-19 was detected in 3,565 people (3,372 for the previous day). The total number of 191,671 patients. 85,133 recovered (+ 1,675), 3,827 died (+70).

List anti-leaders has not changed: Kyiv – 21 045 (+ 380), Lviv region – 19 465 (+ 215), Kharkiv region – 16 490 (+ 297) and Chernivtsi region – 13 736 (+ 174).

Covid-19 – The main thing. Due to complications from Covid-19 died deputy of the Lviv regional council Myroslava Lisna, who previously headed the education department of Pustomyty RSA.

The Ministry of Health has updated list of “red” and “green” zones by the prevalence of coronavirus. To the list “Red” hit Montenegro, Maldives, Spain, France, Czech Republic. IN “Green” – Albania, Croatia, Egypt, Turkey.

The Cabinet will decide on lifting of the total ban from September 29 for entry of foreign citizens into Ukraine.

Former Prime Minister Goncharuk said that Covid-19 Foundation – it’s just a way to use budget funds “manually”, it is not a fund, and the funds were not planned to allocate to the fight against coronavirus.

A new, more contagious, strain of coronavirus disease begins dominate the world. This conclusion was reached by scientists from Houston, Texas, who studied 5,000 genomes of the coronavirus Covid-19, which spread to 7 million cities.

Slowing down reforms in Ukraine. In the European Union note slowing down the pace of reforms in Ukraine after President Zelensky came to power. According to EU envoy Joseph Borrell, the community expects Ukraine to reap the full benefits of cooperation under the Association Agreement and Free Trade Area. “As I told the president, the EU is not a charity or an ATM“, – the high-ranking official emphasized.

National Council on Anti-Corruption Policy, headed by President Zelensky, has not met since July 2019.

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Expropriation of land – Extortion. The SBU exposed the deputy of the village council Bryukhovych, who was organized with his accomplices scheme of alienation of land plotsand the Ministry of Defense. The market value of the illegal transaction is UAH 30 million. On September 24, searches were reported in the house of the wife of the village head, Bryukhovych Domansky.

On extortion of 40 thousand dollars detained the head of the state tax inspection of Ternopil together with his son.

Terrible to escape in a plane crash near Kharkov. We miss you.


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