The latest news about the corona virus in the Netherlands from 25-09-2020


The corona virus is gradually making a comeback. The number of infections is increasing rapidly, more and more patients are being placed in ICs and risk level 2 has been announced for various regions. If the number of infections does not decrease quickly, additional prevention measures are needed to curb the virus in the Netherlands.

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Update 10:23 – Corona leads to brain damage from exaggerated immune response

Dutch researchers at the Amsterdam UMC have discovered that corona is even more harmful than we already knew: it also affects the brain. The disease can cause the immune system in the brain to run wild. The research was published Saturday in the leading medical journal The Lancet Microbe. News Hour reports this.

Pathologist Paul van der Valk and his team extensively studied the brains of eleven patients who died of Covid-19. He saw in ten of them that the disease had left clear marks in the brain. Immune cells (so-called T lymphocytes) were discovered that do not belong in the brain.

He found these abnormalities in the entire brain and spinal cord in the deceased patients. “These are cells that are normally excluded from the brain,” says Van der Valk. “But in the Covid-19 patients, we saw that they had left the bloodstream and entered the brain tissue. Then I know as a pathologist: something is wrong here.

Update 08:41 – Seniors want stricter checks on corona compliance

Many seniors believe that the cabinet should do more to prevent the number of corona infections from rising. That says the elderly organization ANBO based on its own poll among more than 5,400 people from 65 years. They want stricter control over compliance with the rules.

For example, a large number think that better enforcement should be done at the 1.5 meter distance. They are also in favor of masks in supermarkets and other shops. Just under half are afraid of the second wave.

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Update 08:17 – Van Dissel: not test policy but our behavior is the problem

RIVM director Jaap van Dissel does not agree with the statement that the test policy in the Netherlands is not functioning properly. He says that in Trouw. According to Van Dissel, “our behavior is the first defense against the corona virus and not the testing policy.”

“We create problems if we do not keep to five feet or go out in case of illness. You have to stimulate people’s intrinsic motivation. That is complicated. Some of the motivation will come back if you notice in your environment that Covid is a real problem. In March we already said that you should stay at home with complaints. Now that we test more often, we can make that advice more focused. If it turns out to be a common cold, you don’t need to be in isolation. That is the benefit of testing for the individual ”, says Van Dissel.

According to Van Dissel, the Netherlands is not yet back to square one, as was the situation in March: “We were searching in March. While we now have the test streets – of course there is a lot to do, but in the end we test a lot of people there. We have a better picture of the basics. As a result, you see that it increases much more gradually. The number of hospital admissions is also increasing, but not to the same extent as before. Of course you also want to stay ahead of that. The number of people who are contagious is estimated to be quite large. ”

Update 07:32 – Employers are calling for strict adherence to corona rules

Entrepreneurs, their employees and their customers must do everything possible to avoid a second lockdown. Retailers, hairdressers, catering bosses and other business owners must again strictly adhere to the corona rules.

This call is made by employers’ organizations VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland in a letter to all members and branches, De Telegraaf reports. to live ”, writes VNO chairman Ingrid Thijssen. “I appeal to my own supporters: do as much as possible yourself to prevent us from ending up in a lockdown again,” says SME leader Jacco Vonhof.

The business community is afraid that the government will lock the economy again now that a second corona wave has flared up. VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland will start a campaign on Saturday ‘to observe the rules of conduct and to hold each other accountable’.


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