Coronavirus ONLINE: Another almost 3,000 cases per day in the Czech Republic, Prymula will once again harden


The Ministry of Health is preparing further tightening of measures in the Czech Republic, Minister Roman Prymula (for YES) revealed on Friday. It mainly affects leisure activities, the Prymula restaurant does not want to close completely. He told Blesk Zprávy that we probably won’t take the veils off all winter. Most of the districts on the map evaluating regions according to the risk of infection are orange, which indicates the second degree of risk. Prague remained red, the rest is green. And Germany also included the other two regions, ie Ústí nad Labem and Moravia-Silesia, among the risk areas, so the whole Czechia blushed at the local traffic light, announced Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček (ČSSD). The mayor of Brno, Markéta Vaňková (ODS), also became infected with coronavirus. The number of cases in the Czech Republic continues to grow, with an increase of 2,946 infected on Friday, which is the most significant daily increase this week and the second highest since the beginning of the epidemic in the Czech Republic in March. There are 740 people in the hospitals, 151 of them are in serious condition. We follow the events surrounding the spread of the disease online at

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Number of cases of covid-19 in the Czech Republic on Friday it rose again by almost 3,000, similar to Thursday. 2946 more infected, which is the most significant daily increase this week and the second highest since the beginning of the epidemic in the Czech Republic in March. This follows from data on the website of the Ministry of Health. Since March 1, when the first infections with the new coronavirus appeared in the Czech Republic, 61,318 confirmed cases have already been recorded.

Since the beginning of September, the number of people who ended up in hospital with covid-19 has increased about fourfold to 740. The number of hospitalized people who are in serious condition has also almost quadrupled. According to the latest data from the Ministry, there were 151 on Thursday. The number of coronavirus infections who died is also growing significantly. In September, the number of deaths of people with covid-19 increased by more than a third to 581. Almost sixty infected people have died this week alone.

Here is a brief summary of the most important things that Friday brought:

  • Number of confirmed cases of covid dhas increased by 1,657 so far in the Czech Republic, currently there are 31,427 people who are ill. There were 2913 more infections in the Czech Republic on Thursday.
  • Most districts on the map evaluate regions according to the risk of infection is orange, indicating the second degree of risk. Prague remained red, the rest is green.
  • The reproductive number, ie the number of people infected by one person, decreases. It is now 1.4, last week it was 1.6.
  • There are children under 19 among infected covid-19 about 11 percent, the largest share among the positive are people from 20 to 29 years.
  • Minister of Health Roman Prymula for Blesk Zprávy said that the obligation to wear veils in the Czech Republic will remain until February next year
  • The ministry is preparing further restrictions, they will mainly concern leisure activities, including children’s clubs, Prymula Blesk told the News
  • The test capacity should be according to Prymula increase to 30,000 tests per day.
  • According to the minister, it will be it will take another two months for the numbers of covid cases to be acceptable. According to him, the period of increase and decrease will end in the middle of 2021.
  • People who quarantined during election days, they will not be able to vote. Protection against double voting could not be ensured.
  • Czech tourists dealing with travel agencies issued to Tunisia, will continue to be able to go to the African country without covid-19 tests, said Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček (CSSD).

Almost 32.4 million cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection have been confirmed worldwide, and over 985,000 infected people have died.

  • Germany new considers the whole of the Czech Republic to be an epidemically risky area.
  • Poland has recorded in the last 24 hours 1587 infected, which is the most since the beginning of the epidemic in the country. About 23 people have died in the last day.
  • According to Prime Minister Igor Matovič, Slovakia hase a new record daily increase in coronavirus infections, 419 infected. He indicated a tightening of restrictions.
  • Reproduction number, which gives an idea of ​​how many people can be infected by one person with coronavirus ranges from 1.2 to 1.5 in Britain.
  • The Belgian government has reduced quarantine, reduced the wearing of veils and allowed people to travel. Many residents welcome this, many epidemiologists strongly criticize.
  • It came into force in Israel today strict closure restricting the movement of citizens. However, critics accuse Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of trying to suppress protests by tightening anti-coronavirus measures
  • British queensand Elizabeth II. he will probably have less money due to the covidu-19 pandemic. A significant decrease in the number of visitors to her palaces due to the plague will mean an estimated 15 million pounds (over 443 million crowns) of less income for the queen in the next three years.

Thank you for your attention to our online transmission. We will be following events in the Czech Republic and around the world in detail again from Saturday morning.

In an exclusive interview for Blesk Zprávy, the Minister of Health Roman Prymula indicated what the further tightening of measures in the Czech Republic will look like. It will touch on, among other things, the extracurricular activities of children and their clubs. And also that we won’t put the veils down until next year. Take a look at the recording of the whole interview.

Recently, Prague is one of the regions with the most significant increase in those infected from all over the Czech Republic. According to the website of the Ministry of Health, approximately 224 new cases of covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants have appeared in Prague in the last seven days. A larger increase was only in the district Prague-East, where it reached almost 230 cases.

In front of the hospital in St. Petersburg, Russia, a temporary monument was erected on which hanging portraits of medics who died of a coronavirus infection.

Where do you wear it in a veil if you can put it outside? In your hand, in your pockets, or do you put it on your arm? This is how people in Austria wear them.

Hospital beds in Germany, which are prepared for patients infected with covid-19.

In the US, scientists are constantly working on a coronavirus vaccine. The substance is already being tested on volunteers.

Coronavirus infection has been detected in more than half a million people in France. There were 15,797 more cases in 24 hours. Another 150 people died with the covid-19.

France has been tightening measures against the spread of the virus in recent days, focusing mainly on outbreaks. The highest level of warning was issued by the government for the second largest city of Marseille and the Caribbean island of Guadaloupe.

In Marseille, for example, bars and restaurants were to close for two weeks on Saturday. Residents of the port city protested against the restrictions, but Health Minister Olivier Véran defended the measures today. He stated on twitter that they are necessary, “Even if they are unpopular.” “Lives depend on it,” he added.

V According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, there are 670 patients with coronavirus in the Czech Republic, of which 131 are in severe condition. Both data are the highest since the beginning of the epidemic in the Czech Republic. Since the beginning of September, the number of hospitalized has almost quadrupled, with about three times more people in serious condition than at the beginning of the month. However, the share of hospitalized people in the total number of people infected is around 2.4 percent, which is significantly less than in the spring, when it was even above ten percent.

Brno Mayor Markéta Vaňková (ODS) has a covid-19, Oliver Pospíšil, Secretary of the Municipality, is also tested positively. Both confirmed it to ČTK.

Germany now considers the entire Czech Republic to be an epidemically risky area. The updated list, published tonight by the Robert Koch Institute, is next to the Czech Republic extended to the whole of Luxembourg and to the Austrian federal state of Tyrol.

Domestic travel agencies are resuming sales of tours to Egypt, the first flights are scheduled from next week. Possible reimbursement of tests for covid-19 travel deals.

By widespread use of the vaccine, the number of victims of covid-19 could reach two million, without targeted measures even more, estimates the representative of the World Health Organization Michael Ryan.

The increase in the number of covid-19 cases in Prague slowed to 485 after Thursday’s record 601. Currently there are 5555 patients. The number of deaths remained at 118.

Reducing quarantine for a week, easing the obligation to wear veils everywhere or lifting the ban on travel abroad belongs to a series of restrictions relaxed by the Belgian government in a new strategy to combat coronavirus this week. While many Belgians welcome arrangements to make life easier, many epidemiologists were critical of them. They warn that a more benevolent approach will not lead to a recurrence of the spring situation, when Belgium became one of the worst countries in the world in terms of the number of deaths per capita.

The number of new cases of covid-19 in Belgium has been steadily rising in recent weeks, with an average daily increase of over 1,500 this week. Belgian epidemiologists fear that the government’s approach could help accelerate the spread of the disease.

More than 300,000 merchant ships were stranded at sea due to measures against the spread of the new coronavirus. Their rotation and return home were complicated by closed borders and a limited number of flights, the AP agency reported today.

“We received very limited information and it became increasingly difficult to obtain vital supplies and technical support. States have amended regulations on a daily, if not hourly, basis. “ said Captain Hedi Marzougui at a meeting with shipping companies and government officials on the sidelines of the current UN General Assembly.

From Friday, October 2, social services facilities must report their infected clients as well as employees or quarantines ordered to them to the Ministry of Health every day. New cases or deterioration within two hours of detection. This is the result of an extraordinary measure published on the website today by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Labor informed at the beginning of the week that Currently, the infection is in about three dozen homes for the elderly and social services facilities. About 200 clients and a hundred workers are infected.

So far, 1,657 cases of coronavirus have increased, the total number has already exceeded 60,000. Hygienists recorded 640 cured today. A total of 28,022 people have already been cured. There are 31,427 active cases. Today, however, no one died with the covid-19 disease; a total of this disease has already claimed 578 victims in the Czech Republic.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in today’s speech before the UN General Assembly called for reform of the United Nations and other global institutions. According to him, the covidu-19 pandemic showed that Cooperation with the countries of the world has a number of weaknesses. Babiš criticized especially the World Health Organization (WHO), which according to him failed to give clear recommendations that would help countries fight coronavirus.

He also stressed that the coronavirus crisis must not push other world problems into the background, such as the situation in Belarus, where people should have the right to decide on their future in democratic elections.

The Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tomáš Petříček, announced on Twitter that Germany now considers the whole of the Czech Republic to be an epidemically risky area.

Will children’s leisure clubs be suspended? “I think I would really consider it here. I think that extracurricular activities will be the subject of discussion, because that is the risk here. I do not want to speak in advance because it is not discussed, but some measures will go in that direction. “ introduced by Roman Prymula for Blesk News.

Minister of Health Roman Prymula has already been tested for coronavirus 11 times, each time negatively. “It’s not pleasant, I admit it. It bothers me that people who get infected, through no fault of their own, are stigmatized. It is not a disease in which a person is unclean and dirty or has been an outcast of society. After ten days, the person is non – infectious and putting on a dog’s head that he became infected is incorrect, “ Prymula warned.

The risk of infection in regional elections will not be dramatic. “There will be protective equipment at the election, people in quarantine or in isolation will vote from cars at the drive-in. As far as ordinary people are concerned, all rules such as veils and spacings should be followed people will be in the polling station for a very short time, so the possibility of infection is minimal, “ said Roman Prymula.


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