Three thousand new patients a day: Zelenskiy announces second wave of COVID-19 in Ukraine


Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy believes that current statistics mean the second wave of COVID-19 in Ukraine, with over 3,000 Ukrainians infected with coronavirus infections a day.

Ukrinform agency, President of Slovakia Zuzana Chaputova Speaking at a joint press conference with and in Bratislava, Zelenskiy “In the first wave, we got sick between 100 and 300 people a day among 40 million Ukrainian citizens. Today we have 3 thousand patients a day. Unfortunately, this is the second wave in Ukraine ” said.

Stating that the decision to ban foreigners from entering Ukraine is also correct, Zelenskiy “We cannot risk both Ukrainians and citizens of other countries coming to Ukraine. Therefore, when this situation stabilizes, borders in Ukraine will be opened. “ he stressed.

As of September 25, there were 3,565 laboratory-confirmed new coronavirus cases in Ukraine in the last day. The total number of cases was 191,671.


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