Those who test positive for Covid-19 will be prevented from using public transportation


Within the scope of the protocol, it was stated that by integrating with the system of the Ministry of Health, the Metropolitan Municipality will prevent citizens who have positive or contact Cocid-19 test and get on urban public transportation vehicles, thus minimizing the risk of transmission of the epidemic.

In this context, the health status of 600 thousand people using “Gaziantep Card” in the city will be transferred to the transport cards, and positive or contact persons will be taken under control. In a short time, the scope of the protocol was expanded; It will also be applied in the entrance and exit of public institutions.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held at the Gaziantep Governorship, Governor Davut Gül said that they would zero the risk of epidemics in the city.

Reminding that contact and positive people should isolate themselves, Gül said, “People who are in quarantine and feel good go out on the streets from time to time. They go for other needs. For this reason, this protocol will bring us a great benefit and prevent those with positive cases from getting on public transport. The health status of citizens who use 600 thousand Gaziantep Cards will be entered on their cards. Those who use city buses for transportation will not be able to transport if they are in contact. It will not be possible to use someone else’s card. We will reset the risk. one of the rare cities that exceed the money in local public transport in Turkey. ” said.

“Positive or contact citizens will not be able to use public transport”

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin said, “In order for the city to be smart, we need to solve the encountered problems with technological infrastructure. We are doing very good works with the coordination of the governorship, we distinguished positively from other cities. There is a decrease in the rate of cases in the epidemic every day. As Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, we will endeavor to use our local software in every field under the coordination of Gaziantep Governorship. We will continue to exhibit all kinds of service understanding to end the epidemic. Turkey’s transportation infrastructure, we created the best smart about 4 years ago. 600 thousand people downloaded the ‘Gaziantep Card’ application. We have reached an important stage in smart transportation in Gaziantep. In this direction, we pressed the button to integrate the HEPP code scanning carried out through the Ministry of Health system into Gaziantep. Last week, we had a series of consultations with the Ministry of Health within the scope of needs and demands. ” used the expressions.

“Contact or positive citizens will be blocked if they try to get on public transport. Therefore, this protocol is of vital importance, as it will cause a bad result if a contact or positive case that should be in the transportation while providing our transportation by paying attention to the rules of disinfectants and masks in public transportation. said. (İLKHA)


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