The second wave seems to be coming: why the coronavirus is spreading


Normal world

At the moment everything resembles the pre-COVID-19 world, where we could have drinks in a full cafe and exercise indoors. People are getting used to the ‘new normal’, which makes them forget that we are still in crisis. This is reflected in the figures of the RIVM. For example, around March, respondents indicated that they experienced that 63% of people rarely or never got too close. That has now dropped to 34%.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that the gyms, terraces and the workplace are largely open again, albeit in an adapted form. The social and work-related world has opened up again. More people are going out again. After all, we are and will remain social beings.

say no

Since unfortunately no end time is known for corona and that it will take some time before there is a vaccine, people are finding it increasingly difficult to say “no” when it comes to social events. Willpower works like a muscle; it can quickly become exhausted. When that one friend keeps asking to join the Friday afternoon drinks, it is increasingly difficult to decline. If several people do this, the number of corona infections will continue to rise.

This also applies to dating. Singles have a hard time ending their date life indefinitely. After all, people remain social animals, who can contend with loneliness and skin hunger.


We have now entered the autumn and that means that the flu virus is rearing its head. With consequences for our immune system. According to epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch, this is probably due to the lack of sunlight, which means that the body produces less vitamin D. You can make this comparison on corona.

There is no official evidence that corona is less likely to spread with warm weather, but it can temporarily dampen the virus. It may also be due to the fact that people are more likely to meet up outdoors. Children also had summer holidays, which meant that parents who could have the virus were less likely to come into contact with each other.


Universities are open again and students often keep little distance. At the moment, more and more young people are becoming infected. It is worrisome when those same young people then go for coffee with grandma and grandpa. All in all, these behaviors can lead to more infections.

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