The latest news about the corona virus in the Netherlands from 25-09-2020


The corona virus is gradually making a comeback. The number of infections is increasing rapidly, more and more patients are being placed in ICs and risk level 2 has been announced for various regions. If the number of infections does not decrease quickly, additional prevention measures are needed to curb the virus in the Netherlands.

Read the latest news about the corona virus from Friday 25 September here.

Update 06.51 -Half of healthcare workers faced threats

Healthcare organizations are raising the alarm about increasing aggression and threats against healthcare providers. A poll among 1200 members of the NU’91 professional association shows that more than half of healthcare workers in hospitals have been confronted with verbal abuse and threats in recent months, De Telegraaf reports. A quarter even experienced physical violence such as hitting, kicking or spitting.

The Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ) confirms the problem. Spokesman Wouter van der Horst notices that the number of incidents has increased since corona. “People’s fuse is getting shorter and shorter. This can take very extreme forms. ”

NU’91 also sees people in the corona period coming up with new ways to insult. “Deliberately coughing in someone’s face or talking to someone with saliva,” says spokesman Michel van Erp. “Against people who are passionate about those patients every day. Sometimes with too little protective clothing. ”

Update 06.22 – Flu-like students in trouble due to exam rules

Flu-like students who have to stay at home due to the corona rules and miss a school exam are in some cases no longer allowed to take the test at all. This threatens to create a situation where sick teenagers still come to school. De Telegraaf reports this on Friday.

Due to the corona outbreak in March, many school exams have been moved to the beginning of this school year. Normally, a student loses an opportunity if – for whatever reason – he doesn’t show up for an exam. But due to the strict corona rules, students with a small tickle in the throat are obliged to stay at home.

The VO Council, the umbrella organization for secondary schools, confirms the problem and calls it a ‘serious issue’. “Of course we want to prevent students with complaints that indicate corona come to school to take an exam,” said a spokesperson.

According to students’ union LAKS, students at dozens of schools where the problem occurs are in trouble. “Some schools are holding on to old rules that no longer work in Corona time,” said chairman Nienke Luijckx.



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