Over 80% of Britons suspected of COVID-19 do not observe isolation (study)


More than 80% of people in the UK do not comply with self-isolation recommendations when they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have come into contact with a person who has tested positive, according to a study by King’s College London, Reuters reported on Friday.

Also, a majority of them were not able to identify the symptoms of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus.The results of the study raise big questions about the effectiveness of the ‘Test and Trace’ program, testing and detection in England, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying to limit the proliferation of infections through new restrictions.

The survey showed that only 18.2% of people who reported having symptoms of COVID-19 in the last seven days did not leave their homes since the onset of the disease, and only 11.9% requested to be tested.

At the same time, only 11.9% of those told by the NHS’s National Health Service’s Test and Trace program to isolate themselves after close contact with a COVID-19 patient complied for 14 days. as requested.

The British government last week introduced fines of up to £ 10,000 for breaking self-isolation rules and a £ 500 support allowance for low-paid employees who lose their income due to quarantine.

Researchers believe that financial support for self-isolation could encourage compliance.”Our results suggest that care responsibilities and financial constraints have prevented compliance with self-isolation, the intent to provide details about close contacts, and the quarantine of contacts,” the authors write.

The reasons for non-compliance range from not knowing the government’s recommendations to not being able to identify the symptoms of the disease.

Only less than half of the participants were able to identify the key symptoms of COVID from cough, fever, loss of taste or smell.

The study used data collected between March 2 and August 5 and is based on 42,127 responses from 31,787 participants over the age of 16.

On Thursday, the United Kingdom had the worst balance sheet in Europe of COVID-19, with 41,902 deaths.

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