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A new package of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus is expected, according to his information Newsbomb.gr, to be announced within the day by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias.

The situation in Attica may not be suffocating due to the increase in cases, but it is certainly a cause for concern. In this context, new measures are expected from time to time which will not be part of the lockdown but will come as a complement to the existing ones.

According to information, Nikos Hardalias, today, may announce measures that will concern the effort to avoid overcrowding, with the scenario that acquires more chances to be that of the ban on the sale of alcohol in the kiosks, or the enforcement of hours in kiosks and convenience stores.

The new measures before the lockdown

The new measures were announced by him Nikos Sypsas, speaking to MEGA, characteristically stating that “the measures taken by the government from September 10 onwards, have already given some effect to the epidemic. If the measures continue to work if we add new measures, we will probably add“Then we will see a leveling of the epidemic, which is the first step before the recession,” he said.

Experts insist that additional measures should be taken, despite the fact that in the last meeting with the Prime Minister, they found positive signs from the evolution of the pandemic in Attica.

The 4 new measures to come

According to ERT, the measures allegedly being worked out by the experts are four:

  • First, the use of mask in all outdoor areas. It is a measure that has long been openly proposed by infectious disease experts, as they believe that it will further reduce the spread of the pandemic.
  • Second, the traffic restriction from midnight until 6:00 in the morning, where movement will be allowed only by SMS.
  • Thirdly, send SMS for the movement of all citizens over 65 years of age.
  • Fourth, the enforcement of hours in kiosks and convenience stores so that there is no overcrowding of young people in squares.

The SMS, as well as the opening hours in kiosks and convenience stores are on the table, but according to information, they are not approved by the government.

The crowds in the squares are worried

From the day the new measures for banning gatherings of more than nine people were introduced, the picture is presented again with crowded squares where mainly young people gather and drink alcohol after 12 midnight, when bars and restaurants close.

The possibility of opening the kiosks is likely to prevent young people from buying alcohol, but this may provoke reactions from industry workers. Thus, it may be done simply recommendation not to sell alcoholic beverages after midnight.

According to ERT, it is also possible that there will be one in the coming weeks extension of the opening hours of the stores of health interest, in order to better ensure public health and avoid overcrowding.

Why Mitsotakis did not … press the button

The “end of the messages” was described by some government officials on Thursday afternoon, everything the prime minister said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, addressed to citizens. How the lockdown “burned”, how, when and why it will fall on the table again.

If we can summarize in one sentence the message of the Prime Minister, that would be “Self-protection or quarantine”. While in the previous 24 hours the scenarios for lockdown in Attica, which were maintained by some government officials, gave and took, A few hours before the Prime Minister’s message, it had become clear that the government had decided not to press the button.

There are two reasons. On the one hand, as Mr. Mitsotakis said, the health system has not been under such pressure that such drastic measures are required, while on the other hand, even if resources are available to support such a decision, the damage to the Economy would be very great, given that Attica is home to 50% of the country’s population.

As he is able to know the Newsbomb.grThe opinion of the members of the health committee consulted by the Prime Minister, headed by Sotiris Tsiodras, is similar. “Mr. Tsiodras participates in the meetings, expresses his opinion and the Prime Minister trusts him”, transfers to Newsbomb.gr top government official.

How we got to Mitsotakis’ message

The government has been preparing for any eventuality for a long time, especially in recent weeks when the situation in Attica has been visibly tense. He had therefore discussed with the infectious disease committee any possibility. A local lockdown was among the options that had fallen on the table. This was also said by the government spokesman in interviews with television stations.

The discussions, which actually took place at the Maximos Palace, set a horizon for new measures to be taken during the spread of the coronavirus in Attica, next week with a possible announcement day next Friday.

After all, it was obvious that the planning had progressed and the State was ready. The Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, noted that the Economy will endure and how the necessary resources have been secured, while the planning had already progressed in order for the citizens to be informed electronically about the measures that will be in force in their area.

However, in the end, the scenario was not implemented at the moment, for the reasons mentioned above. Besides, as it was seen from the information of the government representative, there is a restrained optimism in the government camp for the course of the pandemic in our country.

“We could have reached 1,600 cases a day”, said Mr. Petsas, during the briefing of the journalists but thanks to the measures that have been taken we have stabilized in 350 cases.

“The best epidemiological picture in Greece should not lead to complacency,” he said, adding that the measures are determined by the course of epidemiological data. The cases, despite the measures taken since July, have stabilized but are high, especially in Attica. To avoid tougher measures we must follow what has been decided. Masks indoors and on public transport », he said.

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