In Ukraine, it is the second daily indicator of patients diagnosed with coronavirus


Last night, Thursday, September 24, in Ukraine diagnosed 3,565 new cases coronavirus disease.

This is the second daily indicator for the entire period of the epidemic (there were more only in the summary of September 17 – 3,584).

Thus, according to results of repeated laboratory researches, for days 1,675 people recovered.

From complications 70 people died.

According to the “News”, these are the statistics, which on Friday, September 25, shows NSDC monitoring system.

As of today, it is registered in Ukraine 102 711 active cases COVID-19. For a day the number of “active” patients increased by 1,820.

The day before, on Thursday, the dynamics of new patients was +1 532, on Wednesday +1665, on Tuesday +1108, on Monday +1 977, on Sunday +2 167, on Saturday +1 924, last Friday +1 587.

Throughout the epidemic, the coronavirus in general diagnosed in 191,671 Ukrainians, of them 85 133 recovered and 3 827 died.

In terms of oblasts, the highest number of new COVID infections over the past day was found in Kyiv (380), Kharkiv (297), Ternopil oblasts (245), Dnipropetrovsk (225) and Lviv (215) oblasts.

The number of active patients with coronavirus decreased due to the predominance of the recovered in three regions: Ternopil region (-143), Rivne region (-56).

All data by regions:

data: NSDC monitoring system

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It will be recalled that in December 2019, cases of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which had not been observed in humans before, began to be registered in China. The virus is thought to have originated from infected animals at a seafood and meat market in Wuhan.

The disease may be accompanied by fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell and sometimes taste, pneumonia. In at least 80% of infected people, the disease is mild.
Mortality is ~ 0.6-1.5%, depending on the age of the population, the level of medical care and the number of detected asymptomatic cases. In Ukraine, the current mortality rate is about 2% due to low testing.

On March 11, WHO officially announced the global COVID-19 pandemic.

For data of Johns Hopkins University infographics, as of 9:25 a.m. on September 25, more than 32,230 million cases of infection coronavirus. Over 982,9 thousands of people died from complications caused by COVID-19, at the same time 22.234 million – recovered.

On March 3, the first case of COVID-19 coronavirus infection was recorded in Ukraine. A resident of Chernivtsi region, who arrived from Italy with his wife, was infected. On March 20, it became known that he was cured.

The first death from coronavirus in Ukraine was recorded on March 13: a 71-year-old woman died in a hospital in Radomyshl. She returned from Lviv to Poland on March 1, and then went to Zhytomyr Region.

Most countries around the world have introduced strict restrictions to combat the spread of coronavirus infection – with border closures, the abolition of mass events and meetings, education in schools and universities, transfer of enterprises and institutions to remote work, restricting communication between regions and some countries, stopping production and more.

Quarantine restrictions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine were introduced on March 12.
On March 17-18, Ukraine closed its borders, stopped subway traffic, long-distance and long-distance passenger traffic, imposed restrictions on the operation of service and trade facilities, on movement in settlements, and established liability for violating them.
From April 6, the government tightened quarantine measures and further adjusted them.
In the 20s of April, European countries gradually began to quarantine (Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic, etc.).
On April 22, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the quarantine until May 11, after which it eased it somewhat, but extended the remaining quarantine restrictions.
On May 11, quarantine restrictions in Ukraine began to ease. On May 20, the government introduced adaptive quarantine until June 22 (ie, restrictive measures will be gradually eased depending on the epidemic situation in each region).
On May 23, land public transport was launched in Kyiv as usual, and on May 25, the metro was launched.
The next stages of quarantine easing in Ukraine began on June 5, and then on June 10.
The government’s decision of June 17 extended the adaptive quarantine until July 31. Later it was extended until the end of the summer.

On August 22, President Zelensky announced that the “first wave” of coronavirus had arrived in Ukraine only now.

On August 27, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the adaptive quarantine until October 31, but waived strict restrictions throughout Ukraine.

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