COVID – 19 seminars for school cleaning


The Region of Crete, after the successful completion of the first cycle
training seminars for school cleaning staff
units of all levels in Crete, for protection against SARS-CoV-2
and prevention measures, proceeds with the cooperation of the municipalities of Crete, in
conducting a second round of training seminars.

“We are continuing another cycle of training for employees who have
be responsible for the safe operation of schools and
of health shielding of teachers and students “, the Regional Governor emphasizes
Of Crete Stavros Arnaoutakis, explaining that the Region of Crete in cooperation
with education providers and Municipalities contributes to the common
efforts to address and reduce the pandemic.
The aim of the program is to train employees in cleaning
in schools, the basic principles of hygiene for control and
preventing the risk of exposure to the virus causing the current pandemic
COVID-19, the actions in case of an infection
COVID-19 as well as in methods, techniques and functions of professional
cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of surfaces, spaces and objects
which favor the transmission of the pandemic.

The training, lasting two (2) hours, will be carried out online by
executives of the Region of Crete (Directorate of Public Health, Politics
Protection) in collaboration with the Food, Water and Microbiology Unit
Environment of the Medical School of the University of Crete, on Thursday 1 and
on Friday, October 2, 5-7 pm. Those interested can search
more information about the program on the website of the Region
Crete but also in the municipalities, where they belong, in order to receive
detailed instructions on how to attend the seminar. In
participants will be given a certificate of attendance by the Region of Crete.
The Deputy Regional Minister of Education, Lifelong Learning, Employment and Young Generation
Efi Koutentaki points out: “In the Region of Crete we work together to
ensure the protection of the health of students
and their families this year. After their great participation
workers in the cleanliness of school units in the first cycle
webinars on SARS-CoV-2 precautionary measures,
we organize a second cycle and call the employees to clean them
schools to attend. Together we protect it
invaluable health good “.

As the Deputy Regional Minister of Public Health and Social Policy emphasizes,
Lambros N. Vamvakas: “The Region of Crete and its executives are performing
special emphasis on comprehensive employee training in
cleanliness of the school structures of the island, recognizing the key
important role they play in protecting health and safety
of the school community and in avoiding the risk of transmission and
spread of coronavirus. This second cycle of training
seminar, after the particularly great response on their part
employees during the implementation of the first cycle, provides the opportunity
training in basic cleaning and disinfection methods and measures
even more employees “.


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