Corona news: a lot of attention for the government’s corona approach in nursing homes in OVV research


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In this live blog we will keep you informed on Friday of the latest news about the corona crisis in Brabant and beyond.

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  • Last 24 hours, 2,777 new corona infections were added. The number of hospital admissions increased by 36 patients and there were 16 deaths.
  • All regions in the Netherlands must coordinate their corona measures, says GGD director Sjaak de Gouw.
  • Despite the coronavirus, the number of deaths is at a normal level for the time of the year, according to the CBS.
  • Healthcare organizations are raising the alarm about increasing aggression and threats against healthcare providers.
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15.35: height of corona fines remains the same for the time being
The amount of the corona fine remains at 390 euros for the time being. The cabinet has decided to first discuss a possible reduction with the Lower House. Ministers Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice) and Sander Dekker (Legal Protection) announced this on Friday after the Council of Ministers.

As was leaked on Thursday, after a fine for a specific corona violation, there is no longer a judicial note, popularly called a criminal record. “You carry a note with you for the rest of your life. We are now following the wish of the House of Representatives to scrap it,” said Dekker.

14.30 – 2777 new infections, of which 324 in Brabant
The number of people who tested positive for the coronavirus in the past 24 hours has risen by 2777, another day record. The number of hospital admissions has risen by 36 and 16 people have died from the corona virus. This is evident from Friday’s figures from the corona dashboard.

On Thursday, the number of people who had tested positive within 24 hours rose by 2544 people. The number of hospital admissions then rose by 25 and 16 people had died from the corona virus

12.36 ‘Tilburg supporters very irresponsible’
Party football fans who watched the match between Willem II against Rangers FC on a square in Tilburg, have behaved ‘very irresponsibly’, according to Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge. “This is the fastest way to lose our freedom,” he says of the hundreds of supporters who did not obey the corona rules. If people start to behave in this way, we will have to surrender the ‘acquired freedoms’ according to De Jonge.

12.01 ‘Better coordination of Corona measures’
All regions in the Netherlands must coordinate their corona measures. So says Sjaak de Gouw, director of Public Health at the GGD Hollands Midden, on Friday in the Spraakmakers program on NPO Radio 1. In many regions, the numbers of infections exceed the signal value, the limit at which alarm bells ring. “If you were to do something in those twenty regions, it would be very illogical not to do it in five regions,” said De Gouw.

11.30 Lack of understanding about mayor’s decision
On the Facebook page of the municipality of Tilburg, dozens of people react with incomprehension to the decision of mayor Theo Weterings to grant a permit for a fan square around the Willem II-Rangers FC match. People flocked there and did not adhere to the corona rules. Some believe that the mayor – chairman of the Central and West Brabant Security Region – should resign. Weterings places the responsibility with the partying fans.

11.17 Investigation OVV
In its investigation into how the Dutch government and other parties involved have tackled the corona crisis, the Dutch Safety Board will look specifically at how the ever-developing knowledge about the virus has been used in the crisis approach. Special attention will be paid to the way in which nursing homes have dealt with this crisis. The OVV announced this in an update of the investigation announced last May.

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11.00 Minister warns
Failure to adhere to the corona rules may result in football fans being banned from entering the stadium. Minister Tamara van Ark of Sport warns against this in response to the fan square that was set up in Tilburg on Thursday for the Europa League match Willem II-Rangers FC. There, fans watched the game together and they ignored the corona regulations en masse.

10.59 ‘Own responsibility’
Mayor Theo Weterings does not think that the municipality of Tilburg has endangered the health of the residents by allowing a fan square on Olympiaplein during the Europa League match Willem II-Rangers FC on Thursday evening. He said that on Friday morning in AWAKE! on Omroep Brabant radio. He emphasizes: “Those people are primarily responsible for their own behavior.”

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10.51 Carnival parades canceled
The carnival parades in Steenbergen, Dinteloord, Kruisland, Nieuw-Vossemeer, De Heen and Welberg will not take place next year due to the corona pandemic. The associations and associations have decided this in consultation. It is called a ‘difficult decision’. “But in the current situation it is not justified. However, should the situation change in such a positive way, we will look together for an alternative interpretation.”

09.16 Number of deaths at normal level
The number of deaths is at a normal level for the time of the year. This is reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The number of deaths from the new coronavirus has been increasing in recent weeks. But that has not yet led to a striking peak in the number of deaths. In the week of September 7 to 13, 2,704 people died. Last week, no more people died than normal, the researchers estimate.

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09.12 – Dijkhoff stunned by Willem II fans
Klaas Dijkhoff, the party leader of the VVD, was stunned when he saw Willem II’s fans partying on Thursday evening. “I understand that as a football fan you sympathize with your club. But Willem II’s captain still said it: we now have to obey the rules, ”says a bewildered Dijkhoff in the morning show Wakker! to Omroep Brabant.

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08.53 Alteration of the corona law
Opposition and coalition are joining forces in the Lower House to thoroughly renovate the corona law of Minister Hugo de Jonge. BNR reports this based on sources in the House. They report to the radio station that a large number of political groups want to come up with a joint proposal to ensure that the cabinet can only take new corona measures with the consent of parliament.

08.01 Increasing aggression in care
Six in ten healthcare workers have experienced more aggression and intimidation in the workplace in recent months. Almost a quarter even experienced physical violence, such as hitting, biting or kicking. This is evident from a poll among some 1200 members of the professional organization for nurses and carers NU91.

07.25 – Council of Ministers meeting in a moment
The council of ministers starts today at ten in the morning. Among other things, the corona crisis will be discussed again. The number of infections is increasing rapidly and concerns are growing. The Prime Minister gives his weekly press conference after the Council of Ministers. Prime Minister Mark Rutte addresses the United Nations General Assembly in the evening. Due to the corona crisis, the meeting is virtual this year. Rutte speaks to the UN via a video.

06.33 Increase in online consumer spending
Dutch online consumer spending rose by twelve percent in the second quarter of this year to almost 6.4 billion euros. While online spending on services such as travel and tickets decreased by 45 percent compared to the second quarter of last year, this was more than offset by the growth in spending on products of 52 percent, reports after research by market researcher GfK. .

06.00 Shrinking construction sector
The Dutch construction sector will shrink by about three percent next year due to the consequences of the corona crisis and the nitrogen problem. ABN AMRO writes this in a report on the construction. The impact of the corona crisis on the construction sector was initially relatively low, as the effects of the lockdown were short-lived. But lagging business investment and rising unemployment are now weighing more heavily.

01.38 Flu-like students
Flu-prone students who have to stay at home because of the corona rules and miss a school exam are in some cases no longer allowed to take the test at all. This threatens to create a situation where sick teenagers will still come to school, De Telegraaf reports. The VO Council, the umbrella organization for secondary schools, confirms the problem and calls it a serious matter.

00.01 Retirement age
The retirement age may rise less quickly in the short term. The corona crisis is causing more people to die this year than is usually the case, which may have a negative effect on average life expectancy. The mortality rate for 2020 also influences the estimate for life expectancy for 65-year-olds and the link with the retirement age that will be made in November this year.

23.06 Spot prices Ryanair ‘gotspe’
Offering air travel to orange corona areas for bargain prices, as Ryanair does, is “a travesty”. That said Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure) in a debate about corona and international travel. Ryanair offers tickets to areas with code orange for prices of as little as five euros. The House of Representatives wants to get rid of these kinds of offers.

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