Doctor who developed tetanus vaccine is now working for Covid-19 vaccine


Dr. Özcengiz worked as the Vaccine Serum Production Research Manager at Refik Saydam Hygiene Center for many years. Özcengiz undertook the production and responsibility of vaccines such as diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, rabies, typhoid between 1980-2000. In the 1990s Özcengiz collaborative effort to develop a human vaccine, developed projects for producing new types of vaccines as human vaccine in Turkey. Özcengiz the first time in Turkey adsorbed tetanus’ also it took part in developing the vaccine the team. Özcengiz is now working on the development of a local vaccine against Covid-19 in a private company in Ankara.


Dr. Özcengiz stated that they started to work on the Covid-19 vaccine as of August and said, “We have decided to do the recombinant vaccine studies for the Covid vaccine as a part of our responsibility. Currently, those studies are going well. We will move on to animal experiments in the coming days. This will be a recombinant vaccine. Vaccines are more likely to be stronger and more effective. If we achieve this, we plan to start large production as soon as possible and start clinical studies. We expect the first animal test results to be produced in about 2-3 months. We will try to bring it, “he said.


Turkey’s first vaccine-producing countries in the world that emphasizes Dr. Özcengiz, “We halkasıyız end of the generation that produces the vaccine. Turkey was in a position to be in much better position with us put our project. He still could have. Because you have the know-Howie, you have your work we do. Endlessly we have our research continued. R & D of our work there I hope that this Covid pandemic will allow us to open a different set of windows for our country in this respect. Establishment has to be realized. The Ministry of Health has cooperated efforts in recent years on this issue. somehow it could be, “he said.


Özcengiz also gave information about the diphtheria-tetanus cell-free pertussis vaccine production projects they are currently conducting. Özcengiz noted that they have been working on this vaccine for many years, both as process development studies and as experimental studies. Özcengiz said:

“This vaccine is currently in the advanced countries in the world, especially applied as a supplement dose in adults and we know that even pregnant women to no longer apply this vaccine. We do it we were on target to do in Turkey Turkey Institutes of Health Chairman (TÜSEB) at that time. We evaluated within the framework of tüseb cooperation. Clinic work will have a certain cooperation on the basis of preclinical studies basis. we are planning to implement as soon as possible If there are no setbacks. this vaccine approximately two years later in Turkey will take its place as a vaccine we produce our own. at the same time childhood vaccines in this project is the second one of the most important we plan to be in parallel. we aim abroad strong. as a vaccine-producing countries of Turkey re-introduce himself to the world and we think that we are making efforts in this direction, “he said.


They have developed ‘adsorbed tetanus,’ explaining that the first tetanus vaccine in Turkey Dr. Özcengiz, it does not apply to people first fermenter technology and adsorbed to aluminum hydroxide gel in their own way the purification process development and implemented with single tetanus stated that in Turkey. Özcengiz, “out is about 20 year history. This vaccine was patented at the highest level by the United States Pharmacopeia. The vaccines will produce Thereafter technology will also be similar. ‘Turkey in vaccine development provided’ or ‘There is a lack of information on this subject in Turkey’ words correctly All of the studies have been published, they are also available in all literature. We have to make our own vaccine. We have the knowledge, scientists, manpower that can do the same thing in the world.


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