Coronavirus in Ukraine. The number of new cases detected per day has increased – almost 2,900 – news of Ukraine, Society


Yesterday was a record day for the number of people in Ukraine who recovered from coronavirus infection – such 1,717 people

Over the past day, on September 21, 2884 new cases of coronavirus infection COVID-19 were detected in Ukraine (the day before – 2675). The data is taken from the monitoring system from the National Security and Defense Council.

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During this period, 59 people died (the day before – 26). 1717 recovered were recorded (672 a day earlier), which is a record figure.

Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov at the briefing, he clarified that among the sick there were 206 children and 120 doctors. During this time, 504 patients were hospitalized.

During this period, a total of 42,478 tests were made (the day before – 22,188). According to the PCR method, which identifies patients, 20 781 tests were made (the day before – 19 778), by the ELISA method, which identifies both patients and recently recovered, – 21 697 (the day before – 2400).

For the entire time of the epidemic in Ukraine, 181,237 cases were registered. 79 901 infected recovered, 3642 died.

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Eugene Pilipenko

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