WHO does not allow an expert to speak in the parliamentary committee on corona


On the agenda of the Covid committee on Friday was a hearing organized with Hans Kluge, the WHO regional director, and Lieven De Raedt, the head of international relations of the FPS Public Health. The committee members especially looked forward to the presence of the WHO, to answer questions about the approach to the fight against the coronavirus.

However, that was beyond value. Barely an hour before the start, the committee members were informed that Kluge would send his cat. WHO proposes that committee members submit their questions to the organization. Kluge may be able to go to parliament later.

There is dissatisfaction with the way of working in all groups. Here and there it was (again) suggested that the special committee be transformed into an investigation committee, which has broader powers. However, it is not clear whether the latter is able to effectively summon the multilateral organization to the committee.

President De Caluwé, who also regrets the absence of the WHO, promised to pass on the disappointment to the WHO and still insist on her coming to the committee.


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