The Lancet published the response of Russian scientists to criticism of the study of Sputnik V


The answer of scientists was published by the British medical journal The Lancet. The text of the letter sent to the editorial office of the publication, as well as a statement of the arguments of the group of scientists who criticized the article, are available on the publication’s website.

“The revealed coincidences, especially in the early stages (low, close to baseline indicators), are associated with the discreteness of the data, as well as the small number of participants in the groups. We acknowledge that this is a flaw in the research in the section of the article that discusses the results. We confirm that the data on individual participants will be available upon request, and after the relevant proposal is approved, it will be possible to transfer this data through a secure online platform, ”the letter says.

We will remind, The Lancet published the results of tests of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus on September 4. On distrust of research due to Repetitive data patterns were claimed by 19 scientists, who turned to the editor of The Lancet. A representative from The Lancet invited the study authors to answer questions from colleagues.


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