Prague universities will introduce distance learning. The daily increase in coronavirus infections exceeded 3,000


Distance learning will be introduced at universities in Prague next week. According to the risk of infection with the new coronavirus, Prague will have a red color on the map of regions, said Mayor Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates) on Twitter. According to Hřib, the city agreed on the measure with the hygienists. When exactly will be introduced, he did not say.

“At the moment, I have not been able to convince the hygiene that there are reasons for us to transfer to distance education at the secondary school,” the mayor of Prague told ČT24. He originally stated that the distance form of teaching will be introduced in secondary schools in the metropolis. “Hygiene wants to keep it in reserve and possibly reconsider it in the coming days,” the mayor added.

This week, Prague, together with hygienists, decided to wear veils even during classes. The Ministry of Health subsequently introduced them for the whole country from Friday. According to Thursday’s statement by the director of hygiene in Prague, Zdeněk Jágrová, 29 schools in the metropolis are affected by covid-19 and there are a total of thirty children and teachers who are positive.

The Central Crisis Staff will start operating again on Monday, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said. According to the renewal of the crisis staff, according to his words, he complied with the call of the regions, the deputy prime minister and interior minister Jan Hamáček (ČSSD) will take the lead again.

At the same time, the Prime Minister did not rule out the possibility that a state of emergency could be declared again in the Czech Republic. This would be the case if the Ministry of Health needed to declare some measure that it does not have competence under the Public Health Protection Act.

The number of hospitalized is also growing

Currently, there are 20,289 infected people in the Czech Republic, most of whom have a mild course of the disease. According to the latest available data from Wednesday, there are 413 people with infections in hospitals, 91 of whom are in a serious condition. Since Tuesday, the number of hospitalized patients has increased by 25 and severe cases by ten.

According to the Ministry of Health, hospitals can handle many times more patients with covid-19 than now, even in serious cases. The number of people who died with the covid is also increasing. There are a total of 489 victims, with four more deaths on Thursday.

The Czechia has ten times more cases of coronavirus per capita than Slovakia. Compared to the countries of the European Union, the Czech Republic is the third in this calculation in 14 days, only Spain and France are ahead of us.

More tests

The number of infected people also grew significantly last week, when the daily increase exceeded the 1,000 for the first time. Since then, with the exception of Sunday, more than a thousand confirmed diseases have been added daily. But more was tested. In August, the number of tests per day exceeded 10 thousand only once, while last week the laboratories performed more than 15 thousand tests every day from Tuesday to Thursday, a record 19 thousand on Friday. On Wednesday, they managed 17,890 samples, and the ministry will inform about the number of tests on Thursday in the early evening on Friday. According to Minister Adam Vojtěch (for YES), the capacity of laboratories is 20,700 per day, the target is 25,000.

According to the director of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics Ladislav Dušek, the first sign of an improvement in the epidemic situation will be a reduction in the share of new cases in the number of tests. On Wednesday, the share reached almost 12 percent, the day before it was less than ten percent and on Monday over six percent, while on the weekend it was also over 11 percent.

On Friday morning, however, there were complications during testing. The system of electronic requests for examination of a sample for covid-19 has failed. However, according to information from the Smart Quarantine team, the problem has already been solved. Due to the outage, doctors or hygienists could not issue requests, but sampling at the sampling points worked.

The metropolis has the worst numbers

The disease is now most prevalent in Prague and the adjacent Central Bohemian districts, but also in the Kroměříž, southern Plzeň, Uherské Hradiště and Cheb regions. In the last seven days, hygienists in Prague confirmed 191 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Kroměříž with 171 cases, more than 150 infected per 100,000 inhabitants in the districts of Prague-East, Prague-West, Pilsen-South and Uherské Hradiště.

From September 10, due to the deteriorating epidemic situation, the obligation to wear a veil in the interior of buildings applies throughout the Czech Republic. Due to the growing number of infected and hospitalized, the state is introducing further general measures from Friday. Indoor mass standing events for more than ten people will be banned. Exceptions are exhibitions, markets and similar events. Pupils and teachers must also wear drapes in the classroom, with the exception of primary school. Restaurants and bars throughout the country will remain closed between midnight and six o’clock in the morning.

From Friday, restrictions on travel from the Czech Republic to Slovakia will also apply. Tourists and other groups of passengers, with a few exceptions, need a negative coronavirus test result to avoid quarantine and a subsequent infection test.

People should follow the basic rules of hygiene, Minister Vojtěch urged them to be considerate and to limit participation in larger events as much as possible. According to the ministry, the most common places of infection are the family and the work environment, and a visit to social events, such as family celebrations and weddings, is also a risky activity. More than a fifth of recent cases have come from schools.


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