In Maximou Tsiodras, Kikilias – New meeting on coronavirus cases in Attica


Targeted interventions are expected to give priority to vulnerable groups

New meeting takes place at Maximos Palace by Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias and the teacher Sotiri Tsiodra regarding the increase of coronavirus cases in Attica and the next steps that should be taken to “slow down” the spread of the virus. In the first phase, whatever decisions are taken and whatever measures are decided will remain in the drawer and will not be implemented or announced tonight by Nikos Hardalias.

The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection will announce the ban on all cultural events in Attica, as well as the imposition of its measure reducing attendance at public gatherings. The government is taking the above measures to prevent their spread cases and in the first phase will be valid for 14 days, starting next Monday, September 21st.

The big problem is observed in municipalities of Athens, Piraeus, Κηφισιάς and Peristeriou. Thus, targeted interventions are expected with priority vulnerable groups. The Prime Minister, who is currently meeting in Maximou with the stakeholders, is waiting for the suggestion of the epidemiologists for tonight’s announcements, which will be made by the Nikos Hardalia.


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