At the school of the Central District, students fell ill with coronavirus. Parents and director talk about a different number of cases – City – News of St. Petersburg


At school № 550 In the Central District of St. Petersburg, two cases of coronavirus were detected in sixth grade students. On September 18, the director of the institution Boris Notkin said this to Fontanka, refuting the reports of parents about 10 children with COVID-19.

“They called from the clinic last week, as I left my son at home because of fever and snot, and said that in the classroom one boy with a confirmed covid and without a certificate with a negative result, they would not let us go to school,” Fontanka told September 18 is the mother of one of the sixth graders. After that, according to her, some of the children fell ill with SARS, and the rest were tested for coronavirus, which allegedly showed 10 positive results. A total of 29 people study in the class.

“There are definitely two cases that are registered under the epidemiological number, and the rest is ARVI,” Notkin assured the Fontanka correspondent. According to him, the students are under supervision: employees of Rospotrebnadzor and polyclinics come to the school, conduct examinations and take tests.

When asked about confirmed cases of coronavirus among teachers, Notkin stated that one teacher is indeed sick with COVID-19. He recalled that isolated cases of the disease are not enough to introduce quarantine. “Any educational institution must coordinate these issues with Rospotrebnadzor, with the administration, and so on. The school itself cannot solve this, ”said the director.

Isolated cases of coronavirus among St. Petersburg schoolchildren have been found since the beginning of the school year. Earlier it was reported that when one sick child is identified, his entire class will study remotely for two weeks, but this mechanism has quickly changed.


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