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No, not everything turned out to be so simple with this coronavirus. Take the Czech Republic, for example. The country, which at the beginning of summer was one of the first to achieve visible successes in the fight against universal evil and began to abolish strict quarantine measures, today again faces the threat of a mass pandemic. The number of infected is already approaching one and a half thousand a day – this was not even close even on the most alarming days of April. The worst picture is observed in Prague, where for every 100 thousand inhabitants there are now 145 actual patients. In a third of cases, the source of infection cannot be identified.

It has already reached the point that neighboring countries refuse to accept exactly Prague residents, and Germans, for example, threaten to impose substantial penalties on violators of the border. Denmark, Switzerland again closed their borders for the Czechs, Slovakia is going to do it. Czech Airlines canceled flights to Budapest, London, Frankfurt and Helsinki.

If this trend continues, then it is likely that the Czech Republic will be fenced off from the rest of the world, as it was in the spring. The authorities are returning to the strict sanitary standards canceled in June and introducing new ones. So, in all types of public transport, it is prohibited to be without masks. Since Monday, hand sanitizing solutions have become a mandatory procedure. Mass events of more than 100 people have not yet been banned (with the obligatory wearing of masks by participants), but this indulgence is now questionable.

The thing is that it is precisely such meetings that pose the threat of focal spread of the virus – this is what leading Czech doctors believe. And they give the facts. For example, this. In Prague, 120 people were recently infected at the same time. All of them were participants in a warm party in one of the capital’s nightclubs, and they all pulled mojitos from a common large vessel, apparently to bring joy to the birthday boy.

This story received wide publicity also because among the victims were also people from the circle of the Czech national football team, which takes part in the UEFA Nations League tournament. Before the match with the Slovakian team, the virus was detected in the masseur of the national team and its manager. Those footballers who received the massage were naturally also immediately quarantined. The players were scrapped for the meeting with the Slovaks, but then the leadership of the football union took an unprecedented step: a completely new composition of the national team was released on the field, led by a new coach.

And no matter how hard the debutants tried, they lost to the Scots with a score of 1: 2.

As for the economy, the Czech government promises not to introduce new restrictions

There are many versions about what caused such an explosive increase in the number of cases. The most common and, it seems, the closest to the truth boils down to the fact that the Czechs are clearly in a hurry to return to their usual way of life, curtailing those precautions that were so strictly followed three months ago. Health Minister Adam Vojtech is also inclined towards the same.

The chief epidemiologist of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Peter Smeikal, in an interview with Czech television, bluntly stated that the Czech Republic is “in the second wave of coronavirus.”

As for the economy, the government promises not to introduce new restrictions. Rather, according to Prime Minister Andrei Babish, the authorities simply cannot afford them.

Approximately the same tactics have been chosen in relation to educational institutions, which themselves can determine the format of training: either full-time or distance. The good news is the following. Pensioners will receive one respirator and ten masks by mail free of charge. They, the elderly, as well as people with chronic diseases and health workers will be the first to take advantage of the coronavirus vaccine, which will appear in early 2021.

And only then will members of the Czech government, employees of strategic enterprises and state emergency services receive the free vaccine. All other categories of Czech citizens will have to pay for the coronavirus vaccination procedure. One of my Czech acquaintances expressed the general mood about all these worries and hopes: “We probably just have to be guided by the local folklore – do not succumb to calmness, keep panic.”


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