The company responsible for the Bashkir Shikhan went to extreme measures


The Bashkir Soda Company (BSK), which is responsible for the development of the Kushtau shikhan, went to extreme measures to maintain the same production level. The Board of Directors of BSK decided to continue the development of the Shakhtau open pit below the groundwater level, the report said website enterprises.

Such a step will allow to increase the resource base in conditions when it is very limited. due to scandal around the development of Shihan Kushtau.

It was originally planned that the quarry’s fields would be depleted by 2022, after which production on them would become impossible. But thanks to the new plans of the BSC, the development of Shakhtau will be able to be extended until 2027.

The company also plans to apply to the Accounts Chamber to assess the legitimacy of its activities and separately – the distribution of ownership shares.

BSK, which produces about 85 percent of all baking soda in Russia, became involved in the scandal after the residents of Bashkiria protested against plans to develop the Shihan Kushtau, which is considered one of the symbols of the republic. After the intervention of Russian President Vladimir Putin, it was decided to abandon the development.

Also the Prosecutor General’s Office found violations during the privatization of BSK. According to the department, the transition of the company to private owners occurred against the will of the state.


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