In Latvia, another 11 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19


Last day, 2397 Covid-19 tests were performed in Latvia and 11 new cases were registered, reports the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC).

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The information at the disposal of the SPKC shows that three patients are contact persons, four persons have returned from abroad – Russia, Estonia, France.

The source of the infection is being clarified for four more people. The epidemiological investigation is ongoing.

Two patients with Covid-19 were hospitalized during the last 24 hours.

A total of nine patients are treated in hospitals, all with moderate disease. A total of 209 patients were discharged from the hospital, according to the National Health Service.

A total of 270,097 examinations were performed in Latvia, 1,443 persons became ill and 1,234 recovered, 35 died.

It has already been reported that an emergency situation was declared throughout Latvia in connection with the spread of Covid-19 on March 12, which ended on June 9.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has named the disease caused by the new coronavirus. It is called Covid-19. The name is made up of the words “corona”, “virus” and “disease”. The number 19, in turn, indicates the year in which the outbreak of the virus began. The first reports of the virus outbreak appeared on December 31 last year.

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