Coronavirus was found in the medical college of Karelia, the motor transport technical school and the Finno-Ugric school


In another school, as well as in the medical college of Karelia and the Petrozavodsk motor transport college, a coronavirus was found. This is reported by the Karelskie Laiki telegram channel.

Finno-Ugric school: 1 child fell ill, 24 schoolchildren (the whole class) and 1 teacher were transferred to distance learning and work.
Petrozavodsk Motor Transport College: 1 student fell ill, 53 people (two groups) were transferred to a distance learning mode.

College of Medicine: 1 student from the circle of contacts, the test result is pending, however the study group is transferred to distance learning mode.

Earlier, “Respublika” reported that at the Academic Lyceum, a whole class was sent to distance learning because of one schoolchild who became ill with coronavirus. “Karelian Laikas” also noted that the teachers who had contact with this class (12 of them) also switched to a remote mode of work.

The day before the Minister of Education of Karelia announced the first case of quarantine at school due to coronavirus. A sick COVID-19 was detected in an educational institution in the village of Elisenvaara, Lahdenpohskiy district. The class was transferred to distance learning.


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